Spotlight On: Truvia® V.S JAJA Stevioside™

There really is no comparison…

Here’s why…

Truvia is allowed by the FDA to be labeled and sold as a food additive or a table top sweetener.

JAJA Stevioside, is pure stevioside.

Because JAJA Stevioside is pure stevioside it is labeled and sold as a dietary supplement, with no labeling as a sweetener. (All stevioside is subject to this).

Truvia is Rebaudiana A extracted from stevioside (extract of the stevia rebaudiana leaf). Rebaudioside (Rebaudiana A) is one of the components that make stevioside sweet.

JAJA Stevioside is pure stevioside

Truvia is not pure product… It is a blend of Rebaudiana A, Erythritol (sugar alcohol appx 60& as sweet as sugar), Rebaudiana, and unspecified natural flavors.

JAJA Stevioside is pure stevia extract (stevioside(. As pure as it is when the extraction from the stevia leaf is finished.

So with that understanding…

Here is a really cool comparison by a satisfied JAJA Stevioside user.

“I have been a long-term customer of Emperor’s Herbologist. I buy the ½ Kg bags of JAJA Stevioside. As you know, Truvia is now being heavily marketed in TV ads. I’e just done a PRICE comparison between Truvia packets and Emperor’s Herbologist’s JAJA Stevioside. Currently, there are only 2 stores in my city that carry Truvia: Fred Meyer’s and Safeway. I called Fred Meyer’s to get their price on Truvia. 1 box of 40 packets = $3.99 regular price; $3.49 sale price.

It might interest you to know my own cost comparison. I use 1/8 tsp. of JAJA Stevioside in one cup of coffee and drink 6 cups of coffee per day. ½ Kg of JAJA Stevioside lasts me approximately 1 year. To me, 1 packet of Truvia 3.5 grams tastes about the same as 1/8 teaspoon of JAJA Stevioside. Using Fred Meyer’s current sale price of $3.49 per box of 40 packets, I save a bit over 50% per year buying JAJA Stevioside vs. Truvia!

One very satisfied customer,

Julie P.Blaine, WA

I’m retired, a young 65-year-old, and grandma of 5 enjoying my “golden years.”

I don’t get upset when asked my age. I’m proud of my gray hairs, the laugh wrinkles I’ve earned, and the few pearls of wisdom I’ve learned.

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