With Two more Chocolate holidays almost on us (Easter, and Mothers Day) We saw a story that made us want to drink lots of our organic dark cocoa, Special Dark Chocolate Piecesand eat our Special Sugar Free Dark Chocolate pieces

The title of the news story as reported in the UK Daily Mail

How a cup of hot chocolate could boost brain power and stave off fatigue

The story is at here in case you want to read it.

The story was by a reporter named Fiona Macrae.

She starts her article saying

“It is supposed to be the perfect bedtime drink to send you off to sleep.

But in fact, a cup of hot chocolate could be just the thing to peep you up, scientists say.”

Here is why, as Fiona explains in her article..

Research shows that flavanols — plant chemicals abundant in dark chocolate — stave off fatigue and boost mental sharpness.

It is thought that they widen blood vessels, boosting blood flow to the brain.

More blood flow to the brain, more oxygen, more oxygen, greater efficiency.

Here is where it starts to get really interesting.

Fiona said…

Psychologists asked 30 people to carry out a battery of mental arithmetic tests before and after having a flavanol-rich chocolate drink or a dummy beverage.

They found the sweet drink boosted performance on one of the tests, which involved repeatedly subtracting the number three from a start point of between 800 and 999.

And It Keeps Getting Better

Additionally it was reported to the the British Psychological Society’s annual conference that the flavanols also appeared to counteract the tiredness brought on by doing the intensive arithmetic.


Just think. Actually drink a cup of dark chocolate (100% cocoa aka cacao). Or better yet, eat some of our sugar free Dark Chocolate pieces (98% cacao,) made with our stevia extract, and then think… you’ll do it better 🙂

Timely hint: The best way to eat gourmet chocolate like this is to put a piece on your tongue and let it dissolve so you get all the great chocolatey goodness flavor wise while getting the health benefits.

If you have children or you are a student, you may want to consider drinking a cup of cocoa or having a piece or two of our Dark Chocolate before taking a test. Could it boost your test scores and get you a higher grade?

You’ll only know it if you try it.

The study was carried out at the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Centre at Northumbria University.

More is Not Necessarily Better

Here’s why…

You may think that really overloading on dark chocolate — not milk chocolate… but dark chocolate like cocoa or dark chocolate candy — will really boost your brain power and eliminate fatigue.

But apparently the researchers found that a 500mg (appx equal to five chocolate bars) dose of flavanols was more effective than a higher one.

Eating 5 dark chocolate bars may get your saliva dripping, but remember, eating 5 chocolate bars you will also be eating lots of un-necessary fat and sugar. So you will get a huge sugar rush, and the inevitable crash. You will add lots of un-necessary fat, so you will end up looking like an overstuffed Easter bunny (sorry couldn’t resist).

And remember, it was NOT the sugar in the chocolate. It was the FLAVANOLS. So since our Special Dark Chocolate (organic dark chocolate, stevia extract, organic vanilla) does not have sugar or added fat… in fact each serving of our Special Dark Chocolate — Zero sugar and only 17 grams of fat… Our Special Dark Chocolate much is better for you than a candy bar. Much less Five candy bars.

The article also reported

Co-researcher David Kennedy said: “The amounts we were giving them were more than you would get from eating small amounts in diet but there is quite a bit of evidence showing that general consumption over time is protective against neurodegenerative disease and decline in cognitive function.”

So as you can imagine… Dark Chocolate appears to help the nervous system, and memory.

The last five paragraphs are very interesting. They report about flavanols and a bit about dark chocolate.

Other research has credited flavanols with cutting the inflammation linked to heart disease, and with reducing the odds of dangerous blood clots.

They are also said to help keep diabetes and high blood pressure under control.

One of the key attractions for many is that chocolate simply makes us feel good—stimulating the release of chemicals more normally associated with sex and exercise.

Researchers have even gone as far as to claim that the smell of chocolate alone can protect against colds.

But, sadly for chocolate lovers, the treat’s high fat and sugar content means dieticians recommend it is eaten as part of a balanced diet, rich in less appealing foods such a brown rice, pulses and fruit and vegetables.

I would change the last paragraph of her article.

But Happily for chocolate lovers, Emperor’s Herbologist Special Dark Chocolate has 98% Cacao (super high in Flavanols) with Zero sugar, and is low in fat at only 17 grams per serving.

As they say here in the South…

“Go and get you some!”

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