Reading Stevia Extract Labels


Recently we went into a Whole Foods store. Yeah we shop there…

We spoke with the people at Whole Foods about carrying JAJA Stevioside™ and the answer was something like “We already carry stevia and stevia extract from other suppliers, so we really don’t want another source.”

Then we saw that they have their own brand of stevia extract.

Typical Label, Typical Claims, Typical Rip-off

Now, I am going to believe that Whole Foods is not intentionally ripping off consumers who buy their Stevia Extract. I believe they are just mis-guided.

Here’s Why…

If you look at their pricing, it is very competitive for a stevia extract (stevioside) blend. If I remember correctly it was something like $3.99 for 100 packets.

Of course each packet is ONE serving! So to get 1000 servings you would spend a whopping $39.90. Yes, that is correct. Thirty Nine Dollars and Ninety Cents! While over 1,000 servings of JAJA Stevioside (pure stevioside with absolutely nothing added) would run you only $13.95 instead of $39.90 but that&rsdquo;s for a different day.

On to the labeling

Their labeling is very simple…

It says “Stevia Extract, Natural Herb, Calorie-Free, Saccharin-Free, Aspartame-Free, Non-Bitter Aftertaste, A Dietary Supplement, Not labeled for individual sale”

And on the back it says

“Stevia Extract, Supplement Facts: Serving size 1 packet (1 gr) Amount Per Serving: Calories 0, Total Carb (1 g), Certified Organic Stevia Extract 85 mg, Other Ingredients: Rice Maltodextrin and Silica”

Translating What This Means To You

Stevia Extract means just that. It’s stevioside. Just like our JAJA Stevioside

Natural Herb. Which means????

Calorie-Free, pure stevioside like our JAJA Stevioside is calorie free

Carbohydrate-Free pure stevioside like our JAJA Stevioside is carbohydrate free, But they specifically state on the back that they have 1 gram of carbohydrates, and the net weight of their product is 1 gram.

Saccharin-Free, well, stevioside does not contain saccharine. Why put a cancer causing agent into a safe herb?

Aspartame-Free again why add the most complained about food additive to anything? Stevioside like our JAJA Stevioside does not contain saccharine, aspartame, or any artificial sweetener.

Let’s Look At the Ingredients

The net weight of the pack is 1 gram. This is pretty much standard for any stevia extract blend.

Since the serving size is 1 gram, and stevioside is carboyhdrate free, but there is 1 gram of carbohydrates the only logical conclusion is the filler… the Silica and Rice Maltodextrin which weighs 1 gram is the main ingredient.

Remember, there is not even 1/1000th of a gram of stevia extract (stevioside) in this blend. With our JAJA Stevioside for every gram you get a full gram of stevioside. Not 1 gram of bulking agents and fillers and a miniscule less than one Thousandth of a gram of stevioside.

But we can not blame Whole Foods. They are following the standard industry practice of bulking up pure stevioside with bulking agents like maltodextrin, silica, FOS, erythritol, and other materials.

The Short Lesson

When you get stevia extract in a packet you are paying for appx 1 percent stevia extract and 99% filler. You can make your dollar go further if you get pure product… Like our JAJA Stevioside™