Worry? How Do Deal With It!

This is not I repeat not a “feel good” piece. This was written because there seems to be so much stress and worry going on right now, we felt it our duty to give you some heartfelt advice. Real world stuff you can use starting today.

Investments crashing. The economy tanking. It seems more violence being reported…

The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Or so the media and certain politicians would have you believe.

The press (tv, radio, newspapers, magazines), does not make money giving you good news. They make money giving you bad news.

People are fascinated by bad news, because human nature is to live. And how do you live?

Simple, you protect yourself against things that can harm you.

How do you get people’s attention and sell more papers (meaning whatever big media is selling)?

That’s right, make it appear as a threat.

Sure there are thing going on. Things that can cause stress. But in reality, stress is all a mental manifestation. You create your own stress.

Stress is caused by how you interpret the situation, and what you focus on…

Stress is caused by how you interpret the situation, and what you focus on…

Allow me to explain…

A couple goes to a party. While at the party, the man sees a lot of people laughing and having a great time. When the woman comes in (being very perceptive) her attention is immediately drawn to a couple in a corner having an argument.

Her curiosity gets the best of her, and all night long she focuses on that couple fighting. Even when she is talking with some people, her attention is riveted at the “train wreck” going on in the corner.

On the ride home, the man says to the woman.

“Well, I thought it was a great party.”

The woman says:

“How can you think it was a great party? Everyone was fighting, the atmosphere was very tense. No one was having a good time. Everyone was fighting.”

So as you can see, each one interpreted the situation based on what they focused on.

Watching Train Wrecks

Watching the economy collapse and earlier watching the lead up to the past election, and further on I was watching a lot of news shows. I was in a stressful panic. Everyday, the politicians and commentators were behaving like little children bickering.

Everyday, on all the news stations each side was doing it’s best with constant goading from the news anchors to spread the old F.U.D. and Panic. (F.U.D. is an acronym for Fear Uncertainty and Doubt).

The news casters were practically orgasmic with delight at being able to slant the news, and report on the worst things possible.

The news papers were full of this as well.

It got to the point I could not take it anymore. So what I did was this…

Turn off the TV. Or at least the news.

Turn off any show that is:

  1. News (except to see the local weather or local entertainment)
  2. Any show that wants to send a political message (propaganda masquerading as entertainment)

Lightening up the mental load.

So let’s first work on lightening up the mental load.

While this is easier said than done, here is a philosophy that works for me. And before you ask, yes, I do from time to time get stressed out. But not nearly as much.

For our purposes, let’s define stress as Worry.

Let’s get these truths:

  1. Worry (Stressful feeling) is mental
  2. Worry is emotional in nature
  3. Worry is caused by feeling the situation is out of your control

When most people are feeling stressed (worried) they typically will start to “pig out” turning to food and the calming chemicals released by the brain to calm them down.

They eat more empty “rewarding in taste” foods.

More sugary substances, and foods sweetened with sweeteners that are not good for them (High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Refined Sugar, Saccharine, and other artificial sweeteners).

Let’s try this mental diet.

  1. For a week turn off TV news and any show that is trying to get across a political message (that would include the vast majority of situation comedies, shows that are “in” — if you take a break from them you will find they are mean spirited, not really funny, and basically trying to show how smart they are). I prefer old time movies, or current situation comedies like the Office (no political messages — unlike shows that try so hard to be “hip” like Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, 30 Rock, etc.)
  2. Start a hobby. Learning to play an instrument is good. Learning magic tricks is good.
  3. Pick up a book, open it and read it. A Biography perhaps? A classic? A modern adventure story. A mystery… something well written that will keep you engrossed. Again, avoid books with a pronounced political point of view.
  4. Look for and find the humor in everything. The times we are living in are insane. Up is down, down is up. Look for the things and places you can find humor.

Here is an example from a headline today

“‘Largest public protest of global warming’ ever in USA faces DC March snowstorm!”

Part of the story…

Dr. James Hansen (A NASA Scientist who has been accused of doctored temperature data on two occasions in 2001 and once in 2007 in attempts to show an impending climate catastrophe) is urging Americans to “take a stand on global warming” during the March 2 protest at the Capitol Power Plant in Southeast Washington, D.C.

“We need to send a message to Congress and the president that we want them to take the actions that are needed to preserve climate for young people and future generations and all life on the planet,” says Hansen, who has likened coal-fired power plants to “factories of death” and claims he was muzzled by the Bush administration when he warned of drastic climate changes.”

The weather headline of the day?

From AP:

Massive winter storm pounds Northeast

Blizzard-like conditions cancel flights and contribute to four deaths on treacherous roads.

Or this one:

March comes in like a lion as strong storm pummels Northeast after roaring out of Southeast

NEW YORK (AP) — A massive late winter snowstorm pummeled the Northeast on Monday, grounding hundreds of flights, causing spin-outs, delaying trains and buses and closing school for thousands of children from South Carolina to New Hampshire.

On the day of the ‘Largest public protest of global warming’ ever in USA. Now regardless if you think man-made global warming is real, or it’s quack science… the headline, story and time of protest are really funny!

Or this one

Dish Network’s 4th-quarter profit rises, but misses forecast; loses over 100,000 subscribers

Ben’s Note: They were trying to lose 200,000 subscribers :)

See how easy it is.

Here try this one

‘Host in chief’ Obama honors Stevie Wonder, entertains govs, woos lawmakers and serves cookies

Come on… Think a bit and you can find the humor in it.

Come on… I see you smiling. I see the corners of your mouth starting to curl up. Here it comes. I see it… that big smile.

Feels good doesn’t it.

Later this week, we are going to do a update an article on stress we published years ago. We are updating now, and will send it to you later this week.

But do look for the humor in life and do turn off you tv set for one week.

Try this experiment…

  1. Go one week with no TV news or politics.
  2. During that week, avoid newspapers, and news and political and economic magazines.
  3. Look for the humor in life

At the end of the week, see how you feel. Less stress? Less worry? I think you will feel it.

And if you have anything special you do to combat stress and worry in your life, please post it on the blog.

Your comments about this article are also greatly appreciated. Please post them on the blog as well.