Does Chocolate Really Help Your Body Fight Wrinkles?

In doing some internet surfing I came on a very interesting article from the of Denver, CO

The article was entitled “Lose wrinkles with chocolate

Interesting concept… but can it really be true?

Can you really have your cake… ummm I mean chocolate and eat it and get rid of wrinkles too!?

Well… let’s find out. Shall we?

The article states

“German researchers have found that chocolate helps your body produce healthier skin and fight off the effects of sun damage.”

This is the reason scientists believe it’s true

The article states

When you eat chocolate, your skin has better blood flow and the sun’s rays are not as destructive. The scientists explain that, ‘(Our) study demonstrates that the regular consumption of a beverage rich in flavanols (from chocolate) (sounds like our Organic Cocoa Powderto me) can confer substantial photoprotection as well as help maintain skin health by improving skin structure and function.”

Yes… But how does it work?

A study from Heinrich U, Neukam K, Tronnier H, Sies H, Stahl W. of Institut für Experimentelle Dermatologie, Universität Witten-Herdecke, Germany explains it.

The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition 2006 Jun;136(6):1565-9. and entitled

Long-Term Ingestion Of High Flavanol Cocoa Provides Photoprotection Against Uv-Induced Erythema And Improves Skin Condition In Women

The ingestion of high flavanol cocoa led to increases in blood flow of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues, and to increases in skin density and skin hydration.

Here are the details…

Dietary antioxidants contribute to endogenous photoprotection and are important for the maintenance of skin health. In the present study, 2 groups of women consumed either a high flavanol (326 mg/d) or low flavanol (27 mg/d) cocoa powder dissolved in 100 mL water for 12 wk. Epicatechin (61 mg/d) and catechin (20 mg/d) were the major flavanol monomers in the high flavanol drink, whereas the low flavanol drink contained 6.6 mg epicatechin and 1.6 mg catechin as the daily dose.

Photoprotection and indicators of skin condition were assayed before and during the intervention.

Following exposure of selected skin areas to 1.25 x minimal erythemal dose (MED) of radiation from a solar simulator, UV-induced erythema was significantly decreased in the high flavanol group, by 15 and 25%, after 6 and 12 wk of treatment, respectively, whereas no change occurred in the low flavanol group.

The ingestion of high flavanol cocoa led to increases in blood flow of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues, and to increases in skin density and skin hydration. Skin thickness was elevated from 1.11 +/- 0.11 mm at wk 0 to 1.24 +/- 0.13 mm at wk 12; transepidermal water loss was diminished from 8.7 +/- 3.7 to 6.3 +/- 2.2 g/(h x m2) within the same time frame. Neither of these variables was affected in the low flavanol cocoa group.

Evaluation of the skin surface showed a significant decrease of skin roughness and scaling in the high flavanol cocoa group compared with those at wk 12. Dietary flavanols from cocoa contribute to endogenous photoprotection, improve dermal blood circulation, and affect cosmetically relevant skin surface and hydration variables.

So… how ’bout them apples… uh I mean Dark Chocolate Pieces made with Stevia Extract… Sounds good to me!

Another study done by the same people Neukam K, Stahl W, Tronnier H, Sies H, Heinrich U. of the Institut für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie I, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, P.O. Box 101007, 40001 Dusseldorf, Germany and published in the European Journal of Nutrition 2007 Feb;46(1):53-6. Epub 2006 Dec 11. entitles…

Consumption of flavanol-rich cocoa acutely increases microcirculation in human skin

BACKGROUND: Long term cocoa ingestion leads to an increased resistance against UV-induced erythema and a lowered transepidermal water loss.

AIM OF THE STUDY: To investigate the acute effects of a single dose of cocoa rich in flavanols on dermal microcirculation.

METHODS: In a crossover design study, 10 healthy women ingested a cocoa drink (100 ml) with high (329 mg) or low (27 mg) content of flavanols. The major flavanol monomer in both drinks was epicatechin, 61 mg in the high flavanol, and 6.6 mg in the low flavanol product per 100 ml. Dermal blood flow and oxygen saturation of hemoglobin were examined by laser Doppler flowmetry and spectroscopically at 1 mm skin depth at t = 0, 1, 2, 4, and 6 h. At the same time points, plasma levels of total epicatechin (free compound plus conjugates) were measured by means of HPLC.

RESULTS: Subsequent to the intake of high flavanol cocoa, dermal blood flow was significantly increased by 1.7-fold at t = 2 h and oxygen saturation was elevated 1.8-fold. No statistically significant changes were found upon intake of low flavanol cocoa. Maximum plasma levels of total epicatechin were observed 1 h after ingestion of the high flavanol cocoa drink, 11.6 +/- 7.4 nmol/l at baseline, and 62.9 +/- 35.8 nmol/l at 1 h. No change of total epicatechin was found in the low flavanol group.

CONCLUSION: Flavanol-rich cocoa consumption acutely increases dermal blood flow and oxygen saturation.

Can you say…

“Healthy Better Looking Skin”

And as you already know, nutritionists and other health experts recommend staying away from typical chocolate candy mostly due to the high levels of carbs due to the typical sweeteners— too much processed sugar, or those nasty “Frankenstein” laboratory produced artificial sweeteners can be downright harmful to you. Combine that with fat (cocoa butter has fat and other fats are usually added to chocolate as well). Loading you up on fat and sugar. Then they add milk and/or milk byproducts — which prevent the falvanols from working.

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