Chocolate has a high level of Magnesium.

Everyone has cancer inside of them. It is inevitable. Cancer comes when cells mutate…

“Experts believe that cells must be exposed to at least five mutations (abnormal cell growth; not dying as programmed; splitting strangely; corrupted DNA; etc.) in order to trigger full blown cancer.

Obviously… the more cells divide — the greater chance for those five exposures to take place.”

Magnesium has been shown to Improve Your Body’s Ability to Stop Cancer From Growing.

Attn: Health Conscious Chocolate Eaters

If you plan to skip eating chocolate in the New Year, as part of your diet, you need to think again!

ALL cancers are related. As you can see from the quote above cells exposed to at least Five mutations are what causes cancer to develop.

When you body is at 100% ooptimum natural state, those errant cancer cells are gobbled up by your white blood cells, or they die off naturally.

the problems begin when they grow too fast for the white blood cells to take care of them, and they live longer than they should, so they grow and form into an angry crowd!

Creating a tumor.

And Now….

New Study Shows Food With Big Amount Magnesium, Like Dark Chocolate, Can Reduce The Risk Of Getting Pancreatic Duct Cancer Big Time.

As we already know, all cancers are related. Similar causes. So this applies to your body’s ability to use Magnesium to fend off naturally occurring cancer cells and keep them normal.

Not many people know how important magnesium is in our health.

This mineral almost involved with all the organs’ function in our body. It supports building strong immune system, prevent the inflammation related to some cancer, improve heart health and reduce heart disease risk. It also prevent depression and side headache problem.

This new study discovery is published in British Cancer Magazine. The study led by the scientist in Bloomington Indiana University found that Pancreatic cancer risk increases 24% if you eat less than 100 mg magnesium each day.

Pancreatic Duct Cancer — the Deadliest Type of Cancer

Pancreatic duct cancer is the number 4 reason of cancer death. It is also the most lethal! Pancreatic cancer has the highest death percentage from cancer. 74% of those who diagnosed pancreatic cancer died within one year. Only 7% of the patients diagnosed this cancer live more than 5 years.

Mr. Ka He, the Chief of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Indiana Public Health pointed out Pancreatic cancer is different from any other cancer. After diagnosed, the survivor percentage within 5 years is very low.

This makes it extremely important to prevent and to avoid the cause of getting this type of cancer.

An earlier study found the less magnesium been taken, the higher risk of getting diabetes. Diabetes is also one of the factors which can increase chances of someone getting pancreatic cancer.

Direct Connection Magnesium Intake and Cancer

Unfortunately very few studies have been made on the direct connection between magnesium and pancreatic cancer.

In this study, the scientists studied more than 66,000 at age between 50 to 76 years old both men and the women. During the study period they found 151 people who have pancreatic cancer.

Age, health quality, taking anti-biotic drugs… etc. do not reduce the anti-pancreatic cancer effect power of taking magnesium.

Recommended Excellent Sources of Magnesium

Dark chocolate, dark green leafe vegetables, nuts, beans. yogurt, and some fish like wild caught salmon, banana, all have good amounts of magnesium.

Among All The Cancer, 3% Is Pancreatic Cancer, And 7% Death Is From Pancreatic Cancer.

In the past, pancreatic cancer and death percentage is not as high as today. The death percentage of this cancer has increased every year since 2002. The head of this study, Daniel Dibaba pointed out that people who have high risk of pancreatic cancer need eat more rich magnesium food can prevent pancreatic cancer.

And we can not recommend a tastier way than Dark Chocolate that is Sugar Free and made with stevia extract! Get some Dark Chocolate right here.

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