• We all know the dangers consuming refined sugar can pose to our health.
  • Health conscious people are reducing the amount of processed sugar they consume, and are looking to alternative sweeteners.
  • Some so called “Experts” have claimed that stevia extract causes an increase in blood sugar levels while artificial sweeteners do not.
  • The Shocking Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

    In 2014 a scientific study was published based on experiments done at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. The researchers were wondering why “For years researchers have been puzzling over the fact that non-caloric artificial sweeteners (sacchrin, asparatame, neotame, sucralose, etc.) do not seem to assist in weight loss, and may even have an opposite effect. ”

    Dr. Eran Elinav of the Weizmann Institute’s Immunology Department, Prof. Eran Segal of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Department led this research together with Graduate student Jotham Suez (Group Leader), graduate students Tal Korem, David Zeevi, and Gili Zilberman-Shapira. They discovered artificial sweeteners, even though they have no sugar, DO directly affect on the body’s ability to utilize glucose.

    We will go further in depth on this study, their findings and more in a later news letter. But for now…

    BBC Investigates

    It’s a known fact that eating a lot of sugar can make our blood sugar levels high and put us at risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases and ailments.

    Knowledge of this led the BBC to work with Dr James Brown of Aston University to perform a study to find out

    Do artificial sweeteners actually help people lose weight, control and even lower blood sugar, OR could they be doing the opposite and causing us harm?

    So… The Question became…

    Are Artificial Sweeteners (such as saccharin, sucralose, aspartame, etc.) Bad For People?

    So are Artificial Sweeteners helpful or harmful?

    Today, more than ever we are finding artificial sweeteners including: saccharine; asparatame / neotame (with all it’s different names like Equal, Nutrisweet); sucralose; acesulfame potassium (known as Sunett); cyclamate among others in our foods, drinks, dietary supplements, medicines, toothpaste, etc.

    The BBC noted:

    Many studies have also shown that people who take more artificial sweeteners tend to have a higher BMI and waist circumference, although it has never been shown that the sweeteners are actually causing them to put on weight.

    So the BBC performed their own test comparing saccharine against some of the popular stevia extract BLENDS, like Truvia, etc. They did not use a Pure Stevia Extract like our JAJA Stevioside™ rather they used a blend that has some of the same fillers bulking agents and carbs as the artificial sweeteners.

    Remember, the stevia products they used were blends and had some carbohydrates, while 100% stevia extract does not have any carbs.

    In one sense, it was good they did not use 100% steviol glycosides aka stevioside/stevia extract. Because if they saw a difference with a product that has carbs which do affect blood sugar levels, a product that is pure and natural with no carbs would be even better!

    The Research

    The researchers recruited 15 volunteers, who did not normally eat artificial sweeteners.

    Each of the volunteers had their blood sugar levels measured after fasting for 12 hours, and then each gave a stool sample, so their gut bacteria could be analyzed.

    They were then split into two groups. One group took the daily safe level of saccharin, and the other group the daily safe level of stevia extract (stevioside / steviol glycosides) for 7 days.

    At the End of the Week

    At the end of the week, they did the same tests, to see what effect the two different sweeteners had.

    The researchers not surprisingly found the blood sugar levels of the volunteers taking stevia had not changed significantly. (Note: We — Smarter Health — suspect any changes in blood sugar levels were brought about from the carbohydrates — all the fillers used in the stevia blends.)

    What was really interesting and indeed frightening is: FOUR of the people who used saccharin for the week (Half of the People) ended up with significantly higher blood sugar levels than when they started. This means “the average of the group was overall significantly higher (p= 0.0293).”

    The Researchers Noted

    The researchers noted:

    This raised blood sugar level is bad for their health, and means that in fact the saccharin, in a large proportion of people, is doing the opposite of what it promises. Far from protecting them from the bad effects of sugar, it is raising their blood sugar levels itself.

    Artificial Sweeteners and Gut Bacteria

    They further had gut bacteria tested and analyzed by Dr Paul Cotter of the Teagasc Food Research Institute.

    Of particular interest, the data showed that the people consuming saccharin and ended up with higher blood sugar all had a similar bacterial composition to start with, and their gut bacteria changed in a similar way.

    Stevia and Gut Bacteria

    The people taking the stevia extract saw a positive (health wise) change in gut bacteria. Showing stevia extract beneficial to gut bacteria.

    Here Let the BBC tell you about it…

    7 Minute video, opens in new window The Shocking Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

    Pure Stevia Extract aka Steviol Glycosides aka Stevioside

    So where do you get 100% pure steviol glycoisdes?

    We suggest you get JAJA Stevioside, pure steviol glycosides aka stevioside/stevia extract right here.

    Get away from those artificial sweeteners. As the BBC said…

    The evidence in mice is that aspartame and sucralose may have a similar effect [on people as saccharin]

    So… What do You have to say about this?!