As more and more people are concerned about their health. they are looking for ways to eat healthier.

As people become more aware, they are concerned with Monsanto poisoning us with GMO foods.

For example “Roundup Ready” corn and rice are made by soaking the seeds in salmonella then injecting the seeds with glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup, and a proven cancer causing agent, as well as a proven poison).

They are learning that as the Chinese say “All disease starts from the mouth”

Labeling Food as “Natural” Is a Bunch of B.S. and Here’s Why

Food makers, packagers are not stupid. They see the rends of people looking for healthier foods. They see people are concerned with the long ,lists of unpronounceable ingredients in foods.

So in an attempt to make their foods look healthier than they are they will say “Naturally Processed” or label the food as “Natural”.

It is just a marketing gimick. There is no recognized health or nutrition claim for the word “natural”.

Think About It!

Think about it. You see some GMO corn and they label it “Natural” well, you are buying corn. You are not buying artificial corn. Granted it is poisoned, but it is still corn.

Don’t Be Fooled.

If you really want healthy foods, then read the labels. Make sure you understand all the ingredients being used.

Ask if the products are GMO free. Look for organic meats and vegetables of at least certified GMO Free from one of the proper non-government organizations like the GMO free Project. Look for wild caught fish. And stay away (unfortunately) from any Pacific and Alaskan fish due to Fukishima. There are now fish from all over the pacific and Alaska begin caught and when cut into cancer is discovered in the meat. That gets cut out… but what did they miss?

We will save that for another subject.

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