About Us

Today there are literally millions of companies selling health products. After all anyone with a computer can set up a web site, steal copy from other web sites, and you would not know the difference. So why should you buy from us? What makes us different?

All of Emperor’s Herbologist™ products are researched.

This means that when you purchase Emperor’s Herbologist brand products you are buying products with tradition and science behind them. Not some scammy product that is unproven and promises overnight miracles.

If we can’t lead the field with product we are not interested in selling it.

You get industry leading products whenever you purchase Emperor’s Herbologist brand products. Why should you settle for second or third best when you can have the leader.

We are the direct manufacturer or importer or directly hire a subcontractor.

Not only does this mean that we know what is going into the products we sell, assuring you that you are getting what you are paying for. And since we are the source, you are getting the highest quality for a lower price saving you money.

When we use a sub contractor we decide on them based on quality NOT price. This assures you are getting the very best for your money.

Years of Experience

We have been on the internet since 1995. You are not dealing with a "Fly by night" company. You are dealing with a real, established company. Emperor’s Herbologist is the retail health and beauty products arm and the brand name of Smarter Health Corporation, a small private company.

The combined experience of our company is well over 40 years of direct import and export and custom manufacturing experience and sourcing around the world.

When you get Emperor’s Herbologist brand products you get the best!