Candida Albicans is a yeast that has gone wild and is in overgrowth in your system. If not stopped it can cause very serious problems. So

How Do You Stop Candida?

  1. Immediate elimination of antibiotics, birth control pills and other hormone-altering substances.

  2. Go to your care giver and get medicinal anti-fungal agents OR homeopathic remedies

  3. Follow a candida specific diet designed to stop feeding the yeast.

Step one you can do yourself. Since we are not professional care givers we can not write prescriptions or provide step two for you. But we want to help you by providing good information. Everything starts with proper diet and nutrition. So lets deal with diet.

Anti Candida Albicans Diet Basics

The anti candida diet is actually a very simple concept. You have to stop eating products that feed yeast. Number one on that list is sugar. Of any kind. That does not mean you have to stop eating things that taste sweet (we will go into that later).

Do you bake? If not, have you ever seen a bakery? Ever heard of bread rising? Do you know what causes bread to rise? Yeast. As yeast is fed, it ferments. When it ferments, it expands. This is what causes bread to rise.

Now think of that Candida yeast in your system. It starts to ferment and expand. This causes you problems.

Know what feeds yeast? Sugar. That is why you want to avoid sugars. You have to be very careful and read the labels. Sugars generally end in "ose" like maltose, dextrose, sucrose, etc. That list also includes honey, maple sugar, etc. Stevia and stevioside are not included in this. They are not sugars. They do not feed yeast.

So when you drink that sugary drink, you are feeding the Candida Albicans yeast. When you eat that sugar coated or sugar laden muffin, cookie, piece of cake, or candy, guess what? You are feeding the Candida in your system.

Pure stevioside (a plant extract) like JAJA Stevioside™ and pure stevia leaf powder like Honey Stevia Leaf™ are not sugars, though many people call them that, and refer to them as sugars or artificial sweeteners. They are not. In fact, unlike sugars (including honey and other natural and some artificial sweeteners), pure stevioside like JAJA Stevioside and Honey Stevia Leaf they do not encourage yeast growth. They are carbohydrate free. Technically, they have a closed 3-carbon-ring central structure of the molecule, so yeast and bacteria can not latch on to them and use them. This makes stevia and stevioside useless to the candida albicans yeast, but highly useful to you.

Carbohydrates Starches and Candida Yeast

Eating carbohydrates does raise the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood. Especially when you eat simple carbohydrates like those processed foods, and grains. As you now know, sugar feeds the Candida yeast in your system. This does not mean to avoid all carbohydrates, but make sure you avoid the simple carbohydrates (think processed).

Starch contains huge amounts of glucose. Again this is absorbed in your system and feeds the candida. So high starch foods (potatoes, corn, etc.) and simple carbohydrates (sugars, processed grains) should not be included in a Candida specific diet. They raise your blood sugar level.

Other Foods to Watch out for in a Candida Specific Diet

In addition to removing sugars from your diet, you should stop eating fungi (any mushroom), fungus, fermented drinks and other fermented products (alcohol, vinegar, soy sauce, pickled and preserved foods, etc.) Be wary of yogurt as flavored kinds usually include sugar, or harmful laboratory produced Frankenstein sweeteners like aspartame, saccharine, etc.

You already know that baked goods contain sugar, and usually contain yeast. The processed flour also feeds the yeast in your system.

Remember those left overs? They can cause you harm. Mold can grow on the food, and you will not be able to see it, but the Candida in your system will thank you for it.

What to Eat on A Candida Specific Diet

Think fresh green vegetables, fish, meat, and fowl (chicken, duck, goose, quail, turkey, etc.). You are best off if you can find organic meats as the general commercial meats and poultry are fed huge amounts of antibiotics, and growth hormones, etc. which can really make you very sick.

Think vegetables with little or no starch. Potatoes have lots of starch, so do many other root vegetables, also vegetables like corn are full of starch.

When you think fruit, think low sugar fruits. Eat 1 or 2 pieces of fruit per day, but no more. Make sure that the fruits are not the sugary kind like melon, grapes, etc. Better to eat apples, and other low sugar fruits. Avoid fruit juices as they contain a huge amount of sugar.

Vegetable oils are good to use as well. You can also use regular butter if you like, but stay away from the hydrogenated oils and fake butters like margarine, as well as vegetable oils from high starch vegetables like corn oil, etc.

Try to stay away from processed foods (bacon, ham, commercially prepared frozen foods, etc.). They contain preservatives and nitrite which are not good on a compromised immune system like you have.

Drink lots of clean filtered water. NOT tap water. Tap water contains chlorine, which removes certain vitamins in your system. In addition, there may be parasites in the local tap water that would not affect you if you were in perfect health. Best to either purchase a portable filtering system, there are several to choose from. Or you can choose to buy distilled water, or get a household water filtration system with reverse osmosis for the tap. If you do this, you will be amazed at how great the water tastes. Your food will also taste better as you use the same water for cooking.

Build your immune system by using herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other necessary supplements.

Eat plenty of garlic. It is a known healing food. Onions are good as well.

Now, you have been doing quite well, but you get a craving for sugar. What should you do? Mix a cup of Honey Stevia Leaf tea. Even though it says Honey Stevia Leaf there is no honey in it. There are no carbohydrates in it.

Is Stevia and Stevioside Safe for People With Candida Albicans.

Yes, if they are pure, with nothing added to them. In fact, these supplements in their pure (unadulterated form) like JAJA Stevioside and Honey Stevia Leaf can be your best friend. Some health care professionals are not educated about stevia and stevioside and think that they all contain carbohydrates. So they ask you to refrain from using them. This is true for the kind that has added ingredients to stevia and /or stevioside. Ask them about carbohydrate free products. Make sure to read the labels because many companies add starch, and carbohydrates (like maltodextrin) to stevia and stevioside. JAJA Stevioside and Honey Stevia Leaf are pure with nothing added, and contribute no carbohydrates, no fat, no calories to your diet. Of course they are gluten free as well.

Do not let the name Honey Stevia Leaf fool you. It is carb free. The reason it is called Honey Stevia Leaf is because it tastes just like honey. It is 100% natural. It will help to cut the sugar cravings you have. Another product JAJA Stevioside which is the extract of the Honey Stevia Leaf is used by mixing an amount about the size of a sesame seed into water and drinking it.

To learn more about how stevia and stevioside fit in to Candida specific Diets click here. candida

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