Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Do you know why?

The air starts to get cooler, and crisper. The leaves on the trees start to change colors creating a veritable feast for the eyes… What you might call Eye Candy!

Speaking of Candy…

Chocolate candy…

Dark Chocolate Candy

Another reason is our 98% Cacao Dark Chocolate Pieces start to ship again.

These are not just any chocolate. Oh no…

We all see reports almost daily, of studies linking eating DARK CHOCOLATE to a wide variety of normalizing health and naturally helping the body prevent various ailments.

Things like helping your body preserve normal blood pressure, being heart healthy, helping your body prevent memory loss… and much, much more.

Chocolate Warning

But with all these benefits, comes warnings. Don’t eat a lot of chocolate because they are filled with added fats and sugar.

This unfortunately, is true with almost every commercial brand. Read the labels. They all seem to add vegetable fats, they all seem to add dairy (milk fat solids, etc), and they all seem to add lots and lots of sugar.

Chocolate Liquor / Paste
Chocolate Liquor

Refined Sugar Health Issues

Refined sugar is horrible for your health. It has been linked to so many diseases from high blood pressure, to cancer, to memory loss, to cavities, to obesity and much more… But there is no denying sweet does make food taste good.

Our 98% Dark Chocolate pieces are made from very simple, natural ingredients. Cocoa paste aka cocoa liquor, our stevia extract, and ground vanilla… That’s it!… except for the love and care we add.

Dark Chocolate With No sugar. No dairy. No additional fat. No preservatives.

No sugar. No dairy. No additional fat. No preservatives.

You will Not find them in our 98% Dark Chocolate Pieces

Yet, it tastes creamy rich, velvety smooth and deep, deep chocolate taste. You would swear there are other ingredients added. But I can 100% assure you there are not. We pride ourselves on keeping it simple, and natural.

The cocoa liquor is stone ground by us. When the liquid chocolate is poured into the heart shaped molds… it is all hand poured.

14 Years in the Making

It took us over 14 years to get a chocolate product we felt comfortable giving you. 14 years! 14 years of experimentation, and research, and more experimentation, and trial and error. 14 years until we finally had our creation.

The taste is modeled on the finest chocolates in the world.

Your Chocolate Challenge

Here is an interesting test, and I challenge you to do this…

Get yourself a couple of bags of our Dark Chocolate pieces. For two weeks only eat them. Do not eat your favorite chocolate. Do not eat any other chocolate during this period. Just eat ours.

Come on it’s just two weeks. You can do that.

Then after two weeks, try a piece of your former favorite chocolate. If you are like us, you will notice your former favorite chocolate is not nearly as great tasting as you thought it was.

You will notice something lacking.

After you try this experiment, please come back here and post your comments about what you find the difference in taste before and after to be.

In a soon to be video, I will show you what we have found the best way to eat any chocolate is in order to get the best taste from it.

Try that experiment today. Go get yourself a couple of bags of our dark chocolate pieces because if you wait, you will never get around to doing it.

Happy Eating!

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