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Special Dark Chocolate Pieces

Starting in 2000 we had decided we wanted to make a Chocolate with Stevia Extract. From that point on it was trial and error. We went through what must have been a ton of chocolate liquor. Chocolate Liquor is NOT actual alcohol. There is no alcohol in it. Chocolate liquor is raw chocolate. Once the beans are roasted, they ground into a liquidy paste. The paste is then poured into molds for storage. This is the chocolate liquor, or chocolate paste. It is similar to when you go to the supermarket and buy unsweetened Bakers Chocolate

Is ALL Dark Chocolate Dairy Free?

In a word “NO!” Read the labels. You will find items like: Butter, Milk Fat, Whey, Casien, Lactose, among others. Go on, check the label. Read the ingredients statement on your supposed “Dark Chocolate” candy.

According to governments around the world, supposed “Dark Chocolate” is allowed to contain milk and still be called Dark Chocolate rather than Milk Chocolate. In our opinion, if it has milk, or dairy products in it… it’s Milk Chocolate. Maybe Dark Milk Chocolate… but milk chocolate none the less!

Concerned about rGBH in your Chocolate?

So are we. And as we all well know, unless milk is certified organic (especially from the USA) you can 99% guarantee, it is laced with rGBH. That is the hormone given to cows to make them make more milk. It is also the hormone that has been linked in scientific studies to breast cancer, prostate cancer, little 12 year old girls being fully developed at age 12, and much more.

And that’s not all the bad effects of dairy in chocolate.

Extra Dark for more Chocolate Taste, and Health Benefits

Remember all those health benefits you read about, and still read about regarding chocolate?

Well, those health benefits are from Dark chocolate only… not milk chocolate.

We learned from reading scientific studies that adding dairy to cacao (raw dark chocolate) will prevent it’s proven healthy effects from taking place. So we knew the product we made not only had to taste fantastic… chocolate connoisseur fantastic!… It also had to be dairy and milk free.

So that is why our Dark Chocolate 98% is Dairy Free.

Health Benefits +

You have most likely read all the health benefits of cacao. And you have probably read about the detractors saying “Eating Dark Chocolate is really good for you… BUT… in candy form it is mostly sugar and fat!” Well, our Special Extra Dark chocolate gives you the best of the health and great taste worlds. Because, our Special Extra Dark is 98% Cacao… and it has Zip… Zero… Nada… added fat. The only fat in our Special Extra Dark chocolate is what naturally comes in the chocolate liquor.


Our ingredients are simple. Natural, and pure. Just the way you and us like them.

The pieces are loose packed. We did that rather than individually wrap each one.

Please be aware that some melting may occur, especially in hot weather. This does not affect the taste or the quality. If pieces are stuck together, you can just eat more 🙂

So what are the ingredients in our Special Extra Dark chocolate?

Organic Chocolate (Stone Ground Cocoa beans 100% Cacao) into a rich creamy texture

Organic Vanilla Beans

Stevia Extract

Love and care.

It is:
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate
Dairy Free Dark Chocolate
Gluten Free Dark Chocolate

So why not stop what you are doing this second and treat yourself!

Come on now… place your order here:

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It’s good for you to “Buy 2” because the second one makes a great gift. You may want to give it to someone who loves Chocolate and can use the health giving benefits of a gourmet Dark Chocolate that is 98% cacao, zero sugar, zero dairy, and has nothing artificial in it.


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