Take Care of the Yourself

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices to help keep your blood sugar close to normal. Keeping your blood sugar under good control may help prevent or delay diabetes related foot problems as well as eye and kidney disease.
  • Work with your doctor and other professionals to make a plan that fits your lifestyle. The team of professionals may include your diabetes educator, your nutritionist, fitness trainer, a nurse, a podiatrist (foot care doctor), your physician, and others. Remember though YOU are the captain of this team. It is there for YOUR benefit. Discuss all your ideas thoroughly with your team. It’s your show. Its your life. Make smart choices.

Diabetic Foot Care Step 1

How do you take care of yourself?

Your team will back you up. They will help you to do certain things like:

  • Know how and when to test your blood sugar
  • Take prescribed medicines
  • Eat regular meals that contain a variety of healthy, foods
  • Increase your physical activity each day
  • Follow your foot care plan
  • Keep your doctor’s appointments and have your eyes, feet, and kidneys checked at least once every year
  • Plan your meals and eat the right type of foods that do you the most benefit

A word on sweeteners.

Sweet things are a normal part of a diet. In fact a balanced diet includes all five tastes. Sweet, bitter, salt, pungent, and sour

You may be tempted to use or you may already be using some of the laboratory produced chemical sweeteners like aspartame (which breaks down into methyl alcohol i.e. wood alcohol, asp artic acid, and formaldehyde, saccharine (a proven cancer causing substance), sucrolose (made by replacing the carbon molecules in sugar with chlorine).

You may want to reduce your use of these and look at a dietary supplement called stevioside (stevia extract). In its pure unadulterated form, it is safe for diabetics. It can be a component of a healthy life style.

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