Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low carb fundamentals

Low Carbohydrate Diet Basics

Atkins® low carbohydrate high protein diet, Sugar Busters®, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet® and all the other low carb diets all have something in common. They are all based on the premise that reducing your carbohydrate intake with a low carb diet, will cause your body to burn fat, and you will lose weight.

Unlike the new Food Pyramid promoted by the FDA and most nutritionists who stress high a carbohydrate low protein, low fat diet. Low carbohydrate diets are based on the theory that eating copious amounts of carbohydrates your body will create, and store large amounts of body fat. This causes you to get fat. Raises insulin levels (bad for diabetics) and more. Carbohydrates also feed yeast which is bad news for candida patients.

When following the new Food Pyramid you eat large amounts of high carbohydrate foods like grains, cereals, breads, starchy foods, like pasta, bread, etc. as well as sugar, (which also include any of the "toses",) like fructose (fruit sugar), sucrose, lactose (milk sugar), maltose including maltodextrin, etc. Low carb diets stay away from these foods because they not only raise insulin levels, but they also promote weight gain.

Why High carbohydrate diets make for weight gain.

As was related to us by Maurice Sonnenwirth M.D. "High carb diets induce weight gain by raising insulin levels. This is important because insulin deposits fat not just sugar inside cells. That is why high insulin levels help make people fat. Also, high insulin levels are associated with high triglyceride (blood fats) levels. High tryglycerides may be a better marker of heart attack risk than cholesterol levels. High blood insulin levels also may turn out to be a potent risk factor for heart disease. Type 2 diabetes is initially characterized by high circulating insulin levels, as the body attempts to bring down high blood sugars by putting out the extra insulin.

Stevia and/or stevioside do not raise insulin levels, which is a major consideration for using it in a low carbohydrate diet."

Dr. Sonnenwirth went on to tell us, " Low carb diets lead to decreasing levels of insulin. The lower levels of circulating insulin make it easier to lose weight, even when eating fat, as the fat cannot be easily deposited as it is with high insulin levels. This is why the typical American diet is so fattening. It consists of foods combining high carb, that raises insulin levels, and high amounts of fat. Think of a donut or a potato chip! Also, the blood sugar swings are minimized, with less mood swings and less damage to the body."

You can learn more about treating diabetes with a low carb diet at Dr. Bernstein’s site.

Exercise Helps Your Low Carb Diet

You need activity. Physical activity will help ramp up your fat burning mechanism. It will aid your low carbohydrate diet. Exercising (enough so you get a good sweat) for at least ½ hour per day will do wonders for your diet.

** Warning check with your doctor BEFORE starting any exercise and /or diet program

Low Carbohydrate Dieting

Low carbohydrate diets are based on eating high protein foods like poultry, meats, fish, shell fish, nuts, fats and oils some dairy products, green vegetables, and a limited group of low carbohydrate vegetables and fruits.

The viewpoint is that there is no need to follow a strict regimen of denying yourself foods you like while stressing calorie restriction. Instead, you eat as much of the allowed foods you like until you’re satiated. You should never be hungry. Additionally, and this is very important, drink a large amount of water daily.

Water is Necessary in
Your Low Carb Diet

Even if you are not following a low carbohydrate diet drinking large amounts of water is very good for you. It helps your skin, it helps you feel better, it keeps you from drying out.>

Water can help you to feel full, and it can help fight off that "Sweet tooth attack." If you do not like water, you may want to mix a very tiny amount of JAJA Stevioside™ into it to make it more palatable.

When your body starts to burn fat, it ramps up the ketones. You enter into a state of ketosis. It is extremely important during this time to drink plenty of water to flush out the ketones in your system.

Ketones are produced by the liver through metabolism of fatty acids. They are produced to provide a ready energy source from stored lipids at times of low carbohydrate availability.

Though ketone bodies are always present in your body, levels increase to meet your extra energy needs when you are fasting, or involved in prolonged exercise, or high-fat diet low carb diet, and in infancy and pregnancy when energy demands are normally high.

Drinking water helps to flush out the ketones from your system

Drinking water means exactly that. Drinking water. It does not include tea, regardless of how weak it is, coffee, soda, juice, flavored waters. It means water. Period. Drink 64 – 96 ounces per day.

Stevioside can Help in
Your Low Carb Diet

JAJA Stevioside is a dietary supplement that is famous for helping to fight sugar cravings. It is no carbohydrate, no calorie 100% natural plant extract. Stevioside is a component of the stevia leaf. If you feel a bit more adventurous you may wish to try crushed stevia leaf in a cup of hot water. The leaf is green in color. The stevia leaf is known around the world by different names such as sweet leaf, sweet weed, among other names.

Stevia leaf is known for having a grassy, licorice taste with a bitter after taste. So if you like it wild that is the way to go. Emperor’s Herbologist has a smooth tasting crushed stevia leaf (green powder )that has no grassy, licorice taste, or bitter after taste. In fact the taste is similar to honey. It is called Honey Stevia Leaf™. Very nice! Like JAJA Stevioside the natural extract of the stevia leaf, it too has no after taste, no carbs, no calories, and unlike other brands has nothing added. Stevia and stevioside have been used safely for centuries around the world.

There ARE dangers to low carbing for certain people. These include:

  • Rapid reduction of weight
  • loss of fluids from excessive urination

These have the potential to drop potassium to dangerously low levels. They can also cause a drop in blood pressure. Water intake helps with that, but salt intake may NOT need to be restricted.

Low potassium when dieting can give you a pounding headache, so you may want to keep some potassium tablets around just in case.

Of course before changing you diet or going on any exercise or weight loss regime you should consult with your doctor. Also, it is imperative for anyone with kidney disease to check with their doctor, because they may not tolerate a "high protein" diet. That does not mean people with kidney disease can not be on a low carb diet. There is a difference between high protein diet and low carb diet though there is some overlap.

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