Concerned About Your Appearance? Ever Wonder Why Asian Women Seem to Have Ageless, Flawless Skin?

Read this first…

As A Model…
Why Let Heavy Make-up Ruin Your Skin…

The Ancient Chinese Secret to
Age Defying, Flawless Skin
Revealed To You

What if you could not only protect your skin… but energize it… not only energize it… but naturally give it a smooth, elastic, youthful, healthy appearance? What if you could rejuvenate your skin… give it back it’s youthful appearance… fight off wrinkles? What if you could give your skin a flawless porcelain appearance… naturally… with no effort on your part… without coating your skin in make-up?

Being a Model You work hard… you get up early… you are rushing around… you have lot’s of stress… And You have to keep your body in great physical shape. Afraid to gain weight… And you are constantly worrying about your appearance… Will your face look right? Does your skin look bad?… Do you look too old?… Are you not attractive enough… Is that a new wrinkle you see in the mirror?

When you are working, you have all that heavy make-up smothering your skin. Not letting your skin breathe… clogging you skin’s pores… with junk. Sure you put on a base… but that heavy make-up, that skin destroying make-up… the chemicals in it can leave your skin blotchy, and dull, and wrinkled, and… age it well before it’s time.

And then what? Put on more skin destroying make-up to try and hide the flaws… Put on more make-up to try to make yourself look more attractive when you go out?

The Secret of the Emperor’s Concubines
To Your Rescue

Here’s the inside info…

In ancient China, the emperors had concubines. The concubines were chosen for their exceptional good looks and beauty. They were famous throughout ancient China for their beauty. A lot of women wanted to become a concubine because concubines were a very special group. A woman who was a concubine lived a magical life… full of riches for her and her family… full of luxury… her every wish was fulfilled… as long as she was appealing to the emperor. If the emperor grew tired of looking at her… or felt she was not attractive anymore — not youthful enough — she was expelled from the palace, and had to go back to a normal life. So keeping her beauty… her youthful looking skin was the most important thing.

The concubines discovered one of the most treasured, guarded secrets of the ancient artistes — 100% pearl powder… but only made exclusively from 100% real freshwater pearls like our Emperor’s Herbologist JAJA Pearl Powder — made from freshwater pearls that have been gathered from the famed area that was reserved for the ancient Chinese empresses, emperors and his concubines. And applied it in a certain beneficial way.

Here’s How They Kept Their Skin Ageless and Flawless

Desperate to maintain their youthful appearance, the concubines learned about skin protection from the ancient Chinese artistes. The entertainers who performed at the palace and royal occasions. If you think your make-up is heavy… you should have seen theirs. And they didn’t have the benefit of modern science! They had to rely on nature… and believe it or not… sometimes nature is far better than something modern science dreams up.

The ancient Chinese artistes were very concerned about the heavy toll heavy make-up on their skin was causing… premature wrinkles, blotchy skin, dull lifeless skin, I think you know what I mean.

Develop That Famed Asian “Porcelain Skin”

So they searched. Ancient Chinese physicians began prescribing the use of pure freshwater pearls ground down into powder as a base to protect their skin. Ancient Chinese physicians began prescribing 100% freshwater pearl powder as a skin treatment to renew their skin after their performances. It began to work so well, the artistes began to develop that famed Asian “Porcelain skin”.

Wrinkles Erased Almost As If By Magic

When they began using pure pearl powder… They noticed their skin becoming more youthfulwrinkles being erased almost as if by magicSkin regaining and maintaining a healthy glow… their complexions previously ruined by the heavy make-up now becoming flawlessas if made of the highest quality of porcelain.

Of course the concubines could not help but to notice. They needed to look more beautiful, and ageless too! Soon, they discovered the secret of using freshwater pearls and grinding them into powder – like the artistes were doing. They found the best secret was making a masque made of pearl powder that only took them seconds to prepare, but helped their skin maintain it’s youthful luster and more. (And you get the recipe with your order of JAJA Pearl Powder from us).

Many of our clients write or call to tell us they noticed a difference
after using it the very first night

“I’ve been using pearl powder for 2½ weeks regularly and I’ve noticed a glow on my skin. It is smooth enough to wear under makeup mixed with a moisturizer of your choice. I liked that it dissolves easily into my moisturizer and gives it a creamy texture.

When visiting my aunt she commented on how smooth my skin looked and that it had a glow to it. She also said that my skin looked lighter and brighter.

I purchased my pearl powder six or seven years ago and it is still good and effective. I never got around to using it before and found it while I was cleaning my home. I’m glad I discovered it because it has changed my life. I just placed an order for 2 more jars of pearl powder. I can’t wait to receive it.

I’m convinced that if I use this twice daily my skin will continue to improve.

— S.M. 🙂

Even better… when you click here and get JAJA Pearl Powder from us, we will give you complete instructions for not only the masque the concubines used… you will get a bonus recipe for another all natural masque that can be worn overnight… and has been getting astounding results. Many of our clients write or call to tell us they noticed a difference after using it the very first night! Because of their refound beautiful skin they became the envy of the empresses the envy of the women of the royal court, and the envy of the other women of China. I Want to order JAJA Pearl Powder because I want ageless, flawless healthy skin too.

Eventually, one of the empresses of China
began to take pearl powder internally as well

Getting back… The practice of using pearl powder spread to the court, the royalty, and even the emperors and empresses themselves. Eventually, one of the empresses of China began to take pearl powder internally as well.

When she did… she was astounded because she found even better results than just using pearl powder on her face. In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, pure freshwater pearl powder powder — like our JAJA Pearl Powder — is used to rejuvenate the skin… to keep the skin more youthful, more lustrous, get rid of blotchy skin, age spots, sun spots, wrinkles… Traditional Chinese Medicine also says freshwater pearl powder balances the skin, balances the internal nervous system, calms the system… especially your liver.

Pearl powder is also a good source of calcium. And modern science has found it has 26 readable amino acids necessary for quality skin. And as a professional model… isn’t that what you want? Ageless, flawless skin. Healthy Youthful Skin… I Want to order JAJA Pearl Powder because I want ageless, flawless healthy skin too.

Here is How You Are Assured Of JAJA Pearl Powder’s Quality

Regarding the purity, JAJA Pearl Powder is “food grade”, it’s so safe to use, you can actually eat it.(and we will give you the most effective way to do this for your appearance… and by the way, clients of ours report back that when they do take it internally, they notice an improvement not only in their skin, they also noticed and improvement in their nails and hair… though we do not claim this will happen).

First the freshwater pearls for our JAJA Pearl Powder are gathered where they were for centuries. In an area that was exclusively reserved to the ancient Chinese Royalty and their court.

The pearls are then cleaned and disinfected.

Next they are brought to highly experienced experts who are specifically trained over many years to look for pearls with certain qualities. Only pearls matching those specific qualities are accepted for use in JAJA Pearl Powder.

Now at this point most companies using freshwater pearls would grind the pearls into powder at this point. But we go a step further. In order to make JAJA Pearl Powder more active and effective for you… and start to do it’s work faster for you… the outer pearl shell is removed. The hard smooth surface of the pearl itself. This is because scientists found the outer pearlized part of the pearl is not utilized by your body, and can slow down the effectiveness of the inside of the pearl. So with the hard outer pearl removed – your body does not have to waste time trying to break it down, and the good stuff on the inside of the pearl can “do it’s stuff” for you.

The pearl insides are then ground down using traditional methods… not harsh chemicals (as some other companies do… possibly leaving chemical residue). JAJA Pearl Powder is as pure as the pearls themselves… with no chemical residue because chemical processes are not used

After the grinding, the powdered pearls are disinfected once again and then packed. There is a lot of expertise and care that goes into making JAJA Pearl Powder for you. And the results speak for themselves.

Kristen Frost a Retired Model in Canada was so thrilled she wrote us and said

“I was reluctant to order pearl powder because I suffer from an allergy to shellfish.

I am thrilled that I did because not only can I tolerate JAJA [Pearl] powder but my skin has never looked more beautiful!

I take the product internally and mix it into my daily skin cream and voila! Perfect skin that glows and does not require the aid of foundation or skin powder; it is far too beautiful to cover up!

This is one beauty aid that I will never go without, for the rest of my life. Thank-you JAJA for the gift of flawless, glowing skin; I could not have done it without your product!”

I Want to order JAJA Pearl Powder because I want ageless, flawless healthy skin too.

Let me tell you the experience of another one of our clients… her experience is just one of the numerous fan letters we get from clients raving about JAJA Pearl Powder… But there is no way to know if you will have the same type of amazing experience unless you try JAJA Pearl Powder yourself… Continuing…She is just the latest to tell us… in fact… she was so thrilled at her experience — she rushed home and immediately called us.

It was as if she had suddenly discovered
a magical sex pheromone that drove men crazy.

She bought JAJA Pearl Powder… a one ounce bottle for her and a one ounce bottle for her sister. When it came, she kept one and gave the other bottle to her sister. They both went on separate vacations for a week. During that week each one religiously used JAJA Pearl Powder according to the instructions we give you. When they returned, they got together for coffee. Each one was stunned by the huge improvement in the other’s skin tone… the way each one looked younger… and the overall quality of each other’s skin. Gone were the wrinkles… gone were the blotches…gone was the dull lifeless look of the skin. Replaced with as each one commented to the other with skin that seemed to be renewed and glowing!

But it gets even better…

Later that day… after coffee she went in to work. When she arrived… men who had before not even paid her even a bit of attention were suddenly coming over to flirt with her. It was as if she had suddenly discovered some magical sex pheromone that drove men crazy. And it wasn’t just at work this happened.

After her job was done she rushed home and called to tell us this… and she was completely thrilled

Her experience is one we hear a lot from our clients when they use JAJA Pearl Powder according to the directions. Your results may not be the same… they may be worse… they may be better… but you’ll never find out if you don’t try JAJA Pearl Powder for yourself. I Want to order JAJA Pearl Powder because I want sexy hot, ageless, flawless healthy skin too.

Stopped Her Husband’s Wandering Eye

Here is what happened with a former Jr. Miss Texas who is married to a pretty famous and powerful guy. She was starting to get concerned about her looks. She was getting older and it was showing… and she felt his eye was starting to wander.

She found our JAJA Pearl Powder on the internet and did not believe what she read… she thought it was all hype… she thought it was too good to be true. Then later she read an article on pure pearl powder like JAJA Pearl Powder for rejuvenating skin that was in Allure Magazine. She went back to our site, got the phone number and called. She told us she did not believe what we said, but the article in Allure convinced her to at least try JAJA Pearl Powder. So she bought a one ounce bottle and said if she liked the results she would be back.

After one week… before she had even gotten close to finishing the bottle she called back and ordered a kilo! (a kilo is 34 ounces and you get a 45% discount off the price of a one ounce bottle). She was that amazed at the results she got, and her husband started paying more attention to her too… maybe because other men were starting to too. I Want to order JAJA Pearl Powder because I want ageless, sexy hot, flawless healthy skin too.

Following Instructions Included For Secret Concubine’s All Natural Facial Masque Gets Raves

In California, near Hollywood there is a health products store and the owner of the store decided to carry JAJA Pearl Powder. Before she will sell anything to her customers, she tests it on herself. So she took a bottle of JAJA Pearl Powder and used the instructions included for the all natural facial masque with each bottle. She used the masque every day. One week later, customers who had not seen her for a week came in to do their shopping. All of them started asking her what she did because there was something different about her appearance. They started commenting on her skin. The quality… the improvement… The healthy glow… the sexiness… And as a professional model… that’s what you really want… isn’t it.

Now you may be used to ridiculously high priced skin care products… so you will laugh when you see your investment in a one ounce bottle of JAJA Pearl Powder… is only $35.95 Unbelievable isn’ it!

You Will Laugh When You See How Little It Costs

We can’t force you to buy JAJA Pearl Powder … that’s a choice you have to make. You are at a crossroads now… You have come this far. You have read the information. You have seen how JAJA Pearl Powder has helped others and can help you. So now what? Do you just run away… or do you decide to invest a measly $59.95 and try a one ounce bottle of JAJA Pearl Powder.

It sure would be worth $59.95 if it could protect your skin.

It sure would be worth it if it could return that youthful healthy skin.

It sure would be worth it if it could give you sexy hot skin.

It sure would be worth $49.95 an ounce if it could give ageless skin.

It sure would be worth it if it could give you a porcelain type complexion.

And NOW it’s even less than $49.95 for you to get that porcelain type complexion!

The Time To Act Is Now To Rejuvenate Your Appearance

You can watch your skin condition deteriorate, and do nothing as your skin gets mistreated from harsh daily chemicals you come in contact with, in addition to pollution, and direct sun light.

Or, you can take immediate action and join the others who are using Emperor’s Herbologist brand 100% JAJA Pearl Powder and are getting amazing results. “Why not order today”? You know the longer you wait the worse your skin becomes.

Remember, JAJA Pearl Powder is a centuries old secret for beautiful healthy skin Once you have used it and seen the results for yourself, you will want to get more. And remember too… you can’t see any improvement if you don’t try it.

So There’s nothing left for you to do except Order Now before you drift off to something else.

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