Pearl Powder an All Natural Age Defying, Anti Aging, Serious Skin Care Product

Used by the Chinese Emperors and Empresses to Preserve Youthful Skin this age defying anti wrinkle natural skin care product  is now available to you.

According to Chinese history artists in the Tang Dynasty began using Pearl Powder on their faces when putting on stage makeup. The purpose was to prevent damage to their skin. This practice spread to women in high society until Empress Dowage of the Ching Dynasty began taking Pearl Powder internally, as well as applying it to her face.

She and women using Pearl Powder found this anti-aging product was resulted in improved complexion, softer skin, and a more youthful appearance. I want smoother more youthful skin too!

Pearl Powder for Beautiful Skin

Why did use of Pearl Powder for fighting the signs of damaged and aging skin continue thru today? Simple really…..because it works!

Pearl powder is a "Secret ingredient" in many of today’s top selling skin care creams and lotions.

As our bodies age, our skin ages. It loses it’s youthful appearance. We develop facial lines, wrinkled skin. What can combat this? What can reduce the signs of aging skin?

How about an alternative skin care product. One that is age defying,. A natural treatment to give you more elastic, healthy skin, youthful skin. Pearl powder is your answer. Yes, I want to buy Pearl Powder now!

Serious Skin Care

Today, more than ever people need products to take excellent care of their skin. You need serious skin care products. Why risk your skin care to products that are chemically produced? Why not look to an alternative skin care product? An all natural skin care product? World renowned for helping people achieve lustrous, skin. An anti aging skin care to restore that youthful look.

Emperor’s Herbologist pearl powder is just such a product. It is filled with 26 naturally occurring essential amino acids, protein, and calcium.

These naturally occurring essential amino acids, combined with the naturally occurring protein and calcium give you a serious proactive skin care approach to more beautiful skin.

The pearls used to make Emperor’s Herbologist come from an area in China that was exclusively used to make pearl powder for the Ancient Chinese Royalty. 

Today Emperor’s Herbologist gives you two ways to use Pearl Powder.

Simply mix Emperor’s Herbologist Pearl Powder into cold cream or lotion and gently massage into skin. Do this daily and you will notice your skin feeling smoother, softer and more youthful looking. Or you can even make your own natural mask for excellent results.

Detailed directions are included free with every purchase.

Go with the Original,
Go with Emperor’s Herbologist Pearl Powder!

Get Yours Today! Because the longer you wait the worse your skin becomes.

Did you know that 1 Ounce of pearl powder is 94 servings?
Yes! 94 of those .30 mg bottles. Save yourself money. 

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You can watch your skin condition deteriorate, and do nothing as your skin gets mistreated from harsh daily chemicals you come in contact with, in addition to pollution, and direct sun light. 

Or, you can take immediate action and join the others who are using Emperor’s Herbologist brand 100% Pearl Powder and are getting results.  Why not order today? You know the longer you wait the worse your skin becomes.

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Kristen Frost
Retired Model
in Canada would tell you. She was so thrilled she wrote us and said:

“I was reluctant to order pearl powder because I suffer from an allergy to shellfish.

I am thrilled that I did because not only can I tolerate JAJA [Pearl] powder but my skin has never looked more beautiful!

I take the product internally and mix it into my daily skin cream and voila! Perfect skin that glows and does not require the aid of foundation or skin powder; it is far too beautiful to cover up!

This is one beauty aid that I will never go without, for the rest of my life. Thank-you JAJA for the gift of flawless, glowing skin; I could not have done it without your product!”


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