Rebaudioside A

and Stevia Extract

Lately we have been getting a lot of inquiries asking about the percentage of Rebaudioside A (also known as Reb A) in JAJA Stevioside™ (our stevia extract). It seems that a lot of people suddenly have an almost laser like focus on the percentage of Rebaudioside A in stevia extract (stevioside).

I was wondering why the sudden interest in Rebaudioside A. We have been selling JAJA Stevioside on line since 1995 and up until the last few months I could count on one hand the number of people asking about the percentage of rebaudioside A (Reb A) in our stevia extract.

I asked one of the people inquiring, after all “Inquiring minds want to know.” why the interest in rebaudioside A. I was referred to a website that is spreading……well to be blunt so much B.S. (Bull Excrement) that we could take it and fertilize all the lawns in the United States and Canada combined.

While it is true that the percentage of rebaudioside A in stevia extract contributes to the sensation of sweetness, it is not true that this is the only constituent. These jokers are on a quest to totally confuse anyone buying stevioside.

They claim that ONLY rebaudioside A determines the taste. Our answer B.S. There is plenty more than rebaudioside A (Reb A) in stevioside. Oh, but wait, they say that they don’t have any stevioside in their stevia product….Huh????? Stevia is composed of steviosides, rebaudiosides, and other constituents.

They brag on their claim that the processing is done in the USA. Why they even show alleged fields of stevia that they imply they are growing, leading people to believe that the entire product is grown and extracted in the USA. Then in one really small sentence buried in layers of fluff, they admit that the stevioside they use comes from China. Real honest people. The kind that make you want to do business with them.

Do not be fooled by charlatans like this.

Yes they dump a lot of money into their advertising, but just because they say so one hundred million times does not make a falsehood a truth. There is a saying about “If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth.” I believe there should be a second part to that statement, “Unless it runs into the real truth.”

The Stevioside Molecule Components

The stevioside molecule consists of stevioside, rebaudioside, and glycoside and a portion of other materials (water for instance). So when you see a company bragging on a super high percentage of rebaudioside, don’t be fooled by their games. They are only trying to confuse you. They can do it because you are looking for high quality, and you have questions. You would expect a company selling a product to know about it. NOT go about misinforming and cheating customers and potential customers.

If someone claims to have 40% rebaudioside it really does not mean much. It means that the percentage of the stevioside molecule allegedly has 40% rebaudioside. So if you are getting a stevioside claiming to be 96% with 40% rebaudioside you would be getting 40% of 96%. However it is highly unlikely that they can (1.) consistently produce to that level, and (2.) actually measure rebaudioside content.

We have been selling JAJA Stevioside for over 20 years. Our facility in China exports world wide, including Japan (the country with the strictest regulations on import quality and safety). Many of the trading companies in China go to our facility and buy some samples, then sell them to customers (a lot of the companies here in the USA). When it comes time to order, these trading companies go to a low quality cheap producer instead of our facility in China and switch to low quality product.

JAJA Stevioside does not change taste or quality from batch to batch. But the choice of what you get is up to you.

The real truth is that to get a great tasting product, in addition to having rebaudioside A (Reb A,) you need stevioside compounds A, stevioside compound DA, stevioside compound C, glycosides, and more. The ONLY way you can get rid of the bitterness in stevia or stevia extract is to do the following:

    • Use a high grade product, either grade A or B plant


    • Separate out the stems, roots, and as much of the leaf vein as humanly possible


That’s all there is to it. So many companies do their best to confuse you with mountains of B.S. all to get you to buy an inferior product. They are all looking for their angle. In sales speak their “USP” (Unique selling proposition.)

For example:

    • One company brags about how great pure stevia extract is, and then they blend it with fillers.


    • Another company claims that their fillers are better for you than another companies.
      A filler, is a filler, is a filler. To give you an idea, some companies sell stevioside in sachets that are to be used 1 to 1 against sugar. That means that when you are buying that type of product, you are buying 99% filler. A two to one ratio uses 98% filler.


  • Now there is some joker company claiming that they are selling rebaudioside A because it has no bitterness, and a single serving size is ONLY 1/64 of a tea spoon. GEE! A single serving size of pure JAJA Stevioside is 1/64 of a tea spoon (appx the size of a sesame seed).

JAJA the Best Tasting Pure Stevia in the World

If you want to buy a truly superior product, one that has been sold since 1995. One that the company selling it controls how it is grown by the farmers, how it is extracted from the stevia leaf, and will always give you honest answers not laden with fluff, then you should buy JAJA Stevioside. It is the worldwide benchmark in the stevioside industry for quality and taste.


When you want to try the Best tasting and safest PURE stevia extract powder (stevioside) in the world you should click here and order your JAJA Stevia Extract now because you want to.

If you need to read more, before ordering, by all means… read on…

Can I Buy A Pleasant Tasting Pure Stevioside
(Stevia Extract) powder?

Yes!… Yes you can. We have been selling Pure, unadulterated JAJA Stevioside™ (white powder, stevia extract) in consumer packaging, in bulk, and wholesale over the internet since 1995. This means you can buy from a company that has established itself, and knows what it is doing. Let our experience make your purchase a more enjoyable experience.

Who Sells Wholesale, Retail, or Bulk Stevioside That Does Not Taste Bitter, or Grassy, or Like Licorice? Is There Such A Thing?

Yes there is. We understand how you feel. Many of our customers felt the same way. But when they purchase JAJA Stevioside they found a pure pleasant tasting stevia extract — stevioside.

Purchasing Wholesale, Retail, or Bulk JAJA Stevioside is their answer. It could be yours too.

We sell stevioside in retail packaging, bulk, and wholesale. You can get it the way you want it and save money too! Now you can stop wasting your money on poor tasting stevioside. Many of our customers are so excited at finally… finally finding a great tasting pure unadulterated stevioside free of that bitter, licorice and grassy nasty taste, that they write to tell of their experiences.

When Cynthia B of Florida wrote to tell us her experience she said:

“… her Doctor suggested using Stevia as an alternative, I went to the local health-food store and bought a bottle, only to find it bitter and unpleasant.

Then I looked on the internet, and found your product. I didn’t believe your claims about the difference in your product, but I was desperate enough to try it anyway.

Wow! I couldn’t believe the difference. Even including shipping charges, your JAJA Stevioside was cheaper than the other brand, and it tastes fantastic…”

Taste alone is a reason so many people buy JAJA Stevioside, but there’s more.

When You Buy Stevioside What Is Important To You?

A company that is the direct manufacturer/importer like us. Or a company who buys from the cheapest source they can find (virtually every other company selling stevioside).

  • Do you base your decision on price alone? Or is quality important to you.
  • Do you look for smooth pleasant taste, with no grassiness, licorice or bitterness?
  • Do you look for stevioside with no added ingredients like ours? Or does it matter if it contains fillers, and bulking agents

JAJA Stevioside is premium grade stevioside.

It is the world wide benchmark in taste and quality. It is pure product, unadulterated. Absolutely nothing is added, no maltodextrin (complex carbohydrates made of rice or corn), no FOS, nothing at all is added to our product. If you want pure stevioside you should buy JAJA Stevioside. Our ingredients statement “Contains 100% stevioside.” Read their labels you will see all sorts of stuff added. Purity alone is a reason so many people buy JAJA Stevioside, but theres more.

Susan H of Washington wrote to tell us:

“ I am so excited to find real stevioside. My husband was very impressed as well. He said, “This stevioside so much better, sweeter than the other stuff you tried. He went on to tell me to just throw the other stuff away, even though I had just bought it 2 weeks ago and paid about $15.00 for it. Too bad I didn’t discover your web-site a week earlier. Oh well, now I know where to get it.”

Why You Should Buy JAJA Stevioside

While other companies buy from whatever importer is the cheapest at the time, we are the producer/importer and we control the quality this means you get consistent superior quality batch after batch.

The Inside Secret Of How We Eliminate Bitter, Grassy, And Licorice Taste in JAJA Stevioside

It’s really quite simple. Anyone can do it. If providing the highest quality product is more important than making a huge profit on every sale. Here are the steps:

  • Start with a high quality plant – One that has a longer growing season than most
  • Grow it with natural organic fertilizers not harsh chemical products
  • Harvest it at its peak flavor period
  • Remove the parts of the plant that contribute to poor quality and taste… parts like the roots, stems, and leaf veins so you are left with leaf canvas. Do this by hand because it is more thorough. (Sure most of the plant is thrown away but we take pride in our product and want consistency in quality and taste. Time after time.) For more details click here
  • Use the all natural aqueous extraction method, performed by highly skilled workers.

Does this work? Well Mark B of Texas thinks so, he wrote to tell us:

“I would like to tell you how very pleased with the stevioside that I am now ordering from you [JAJA Stevioside]. Matter of fact, I am really shocked at the difference. I had been ordering stevioside from another source and thought that all stevia extract was the same.

BOY, WAS I WRONG. Your product really does taste better! It is has no bad after taste as with the other stevia I was buying.. I find I use less of your stevia and thus am able to save money.

Thanks again for your fine product and service.

A grateful customer.”

Isn’t it time you too began treating yourself to the wonders of JAJA Stevioside. Order yours today. You’ll love it!

Listen to what Michelle M of the UK wrote:

“Thank You! Thank You! The JAJA Stevioside arrived today and the taste is just as you claimed…

… your stevioside is definitely the best and the service and speed were just outstanding!!! Thx again”

Listen to what Shona Campbell of New Zealand had to say:

I ordered your Stevia extract powder [JAJA Stevioside] after trying other brands. I can’t speak more highly of your product and will now order it long term. Thank you for making such a quality product. I can’t speak more highly of it. And for [your] excellent customer service.

Think about it. Isn’t that what you want too?

We are positive you will love JAJA Stevioside. JAJA Stevioside is very high quality. We look forward to your order so you too can begin to enjoy the benefits of using Emperor’s Herbologist JAJA Stevioside

When you want to try the best tasting and safest stevioside on the market JAJA Stevioside get:

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When you want to try the best tasting pure natural stevia leaf powder:

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