Stevia Tea: Whole Leaf Stevia Tea — dietary supplement

Extremely Limited Time Offer

“Help! Who Can I Really Trust To Give Me REAL, Proven, Pure, Great Tasting Stevia So I Can Finally End My Search?”

My name is Allen Weber. I am the Vice President of Marketing for Smarter Health and I feel bad… Because of what you are going through…

It has got to be extremely frustrating and driving you crazy.

Search after search, after search. Visiting website after website. Reading one page and then the next. Soon they all melt together into a big blob, and there you are

…left wondering…should I buy this one? How about that one? Is their product good?

They make it soooooo complicated. What if I make a mistake?

You start to wonder…

…Will I Ever Find the Right Product From A Company I Can Trust?

I know you are interested in your health. I also know that you are looking for top quality stevia at a good price.

Think of the relief you will feel when you finally say “I’m placing my order now.”

Yes, I want to buy Honey Stevia Leaf tea. I’ll click here now. Give me a deal.

Imagine how good you will feel when you realize and say to yourself, “My search has ended.” I am at the right place.

So Many Selling…
Who’s Real?…
Who Has the Expertise?
Who Will Be Around Tomorrow?

Before starting to write this page, I went to google and did a search on “stevia” I was amazed to see 617,000 pages! YIKES!!! — This was 616,997 more pages than when we first started selling stevia and stevioside in 1996. I then went to yahoo and did a search on “stevia” and found that there were 342,000 pages listed! Holy moley!… All claiming to be the “Best in the world..” No wonder you are confused about what to buy. Jeeez, it’s mind boggling.”

So out of all those pages, and pages, and pages, and mountains of claims you see at these sites, you may be wondering, “Ok why should I buy from you?

Good Question!

To set your mind at ease, let me tell you who we are, and what we do, and why you should trust us, and why you should do business with us. Then if you are convinced, and only if you are convinced, you should place your order for Honey Stevia Leaf tea. Fair enough?

As you may have guessed, we were one of the first companies to sell stevia on the internet. In fact, when we started there were only two other companies selling it. One was a direct importer from Brazil, the other was buying from whoever had it the cheapest.

Clowns Wanting to sell stevia
Now days, It seems that anyone or their relative who can spell stevia and get their hands on it – regardless of the quality and taste they have in hand – puts up a web page to try and sell it. Stealing from anyone they can.

Now days, It seems that anyone or their relative who can spell stevia and get their hands on it – regardless of the quality and taste they have in hand – puts up a web page to try and sell it. Stealing from anyone they can.

Since we had a facility we have an interest in located in China, and this facility was already exporting to Japan (and had been doing so for over 10 years at the time), and the FDA had just agreed to allow stevia to be sold again in the USA, but only if labeled as a “Dietary supplement”, we thought it was a great time to jump right in.

You see, Our having an interest in the facility in China doing the production gives Customers Like You some Great Advantages. Some of these are:

  1. We can insist that the plants are bought from local farmers, NOT big government co-ops.
  2. We contract with the farmers growing our crop of stevia plants.
  3. This allows us to control the growing method.
  4. This means that customers like you get consistent high quality… order, after order, after order.
  5. Unlike virtually every other company selling stevia, we can control EXACTLY what our product is.
  6. When we tell the facility that there is a demand for a product, they produce it.

Yes, I want to buy Honey Stevia Leaf tea. I’ll click here now. Give me a deal.

China – Where Tea Cultivation Began
and Techniques Mastered Centuries Ago
Are Now Used For Honey Stevia Tea

Paraguay was where stevia began. Stevia was brought to China for cultivation a long time ago. You know, China is where tea began. So the people in China have a long tradition of knowing how to skillfully dry leaves to make tea. Did you know that some teas from China cost over $500.00 per pound or more?

Packed as loose tea – Without the extra labor step of packing it in tea bags. That being said, Honey Stevia Leaf tea is not nearly that cost. In fact, when you see the price for 24 tea bags packed in a fancy split bamboo box it is so low that you will laugh.

Honey Stevia Leaf Tea…
the Product Every Other Stevia Wants To Be.


  1. Free of Fillers
  2. Free of additives – natural and/or artificial. No additives of any kind, none, zero, zip, nada!
  3. Only 100% stevia leaf tea cut and dried then packed into tea bags.
  4. Grown without the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, weed killers, and harmful to the environment pesticides.
  5. Lovingly bred and cultivated using traditional farming methods — not some genetically modified Frankenstein created in some laboratory. Honey Stevia Leaf is 100% natural.
  6. You can forget about the bitter taste that other brands have. How can anyone enjoy something that tastes bad?
  7. You can forget having loose leaf parts floating on the surface. No more little green and brown spec’s floating on the top of something you are about to drink.
  8. You can forget about straining leaves
  9. You can you sit down and enjoy a cup of Honey Stevia Leaf tea with no worries.

Our customers like you appreciate this.

You always know what you are getting when you buy from us.

I’m not wondering if you will, I’m wondering how quickly you will notice the superior taste of Honey Stevia Leaf tea over other stevia leaf (green or brown powder) you tried in the past.

Now what I’m about to say may not be important to you, but because we are the direct importers/manufacturers of Honey Stevia Leaf tea, the consistency of taste and quality from order to order is the same. You see, we stand and fall by our products.

It’s Easy…
For You To Make A Quick Decision…
… When You See Just What You Are Looking For
… Isn’t It?

It’s easy to forget about going anywhere else. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to tell you to “stop your search right now and buy Honey Stevia Leaf tea), because I can› make your decisions for you. All I can do is tell you what we have, why it is top quality, why you should use it, and then you have to decide to buy Honey Stevia Leaf tea. Fair enough?

Out of all the other pages you could visit on the internet – You are here on this page – because you are on a personal quest. You know you must change something. You know you can not keep on doing what you were doing. Otherwise you would not be looking for a better product that meets your needs better than what you are using. Makes sense…Right?

While you are reading this, imagine you already bought Honey Stevia Leaf tea. Picture yourself sitting at your desk or table. Hear the kettle start to happily whistle. You go over to the kettle turn it off, and pick up the split bamboo box almost bursting with tea bags filled with Honey Stevia Leaf tea. Stop for a second and marvel at the quality and craftsmanship that went into even making the box. Watch yourself open the box, take out a tea bag packed with Honey Stevia Leaf tea and plunk it into a cup. Watch as the hot water is poured over it and the water color changes to a vibrant healthy green. Get a whiff of that nectar being brewed.

Many of our customers found that when they tried Honey Stevia Leaf they it had an incredible smooth taste and lived up to it’s promise and our claims.

But still you wonder. Is this for me?

Listen, it kind of reminds me of a story I heard. There was an old man who had lived a comfortable life but he felt he did not really accomplish anything in life. Since he was nearing his death, he decided that he wanted something that would make his mark. He decided that winning the lottery would enable him to do this.

So he sat down and prayed. “God” he said, “My life will be fulfilled if I can win the lottery. Help me win the lottery.” That week he didn’t win.

The next week he prayed even harder. “God” he said, “I’m a good man. I’ve lived a good life. If I can only win the lottery my life will be fulfilled. Please help me win the lottery.&” That week, he did not win.

The next week he prayed even harder. He prayed louder, and he prayed longer. “Please God” he cried, “I’m praying to you so I can have my life fulfilled. Please, I’m begging you, help me win the lottery.”

Suddenly a big booming voice came out of the heaven. It said, “Well at least help me. Go Buy a Lottery Ticket.”

If you don’t at least try Honey Stevia Leaf Tea how will you ever know if it meets your needs?

“OK, I’ll click here and give it a shot IF you give me a deal.”

Why You Should Feel Secure When You Get Honey Stevia Leaf Tea dietary supplement

Unlike most other companies:

    • We have been involved in selling Honey Stevia Leaf since 1996
      so you can count on a history. Face it, if our product sucked… we would be out of business.
      But the fact is that we are in business, going strong. And selling Honey Stevia Leaf.


    • We are the direct importers/manufacturers
      I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret. The vast majority of companies selling stevia buy from whoever sells cheapest. They are not the importers of their product so they have no control. They buy from whoever sells the cheapest — they could care less about quality. They do not control anything except their marketing.


    • When you deal with us, you are dealing with a company with knowledge and experience.
      Not some Johnny-come-lately.


    • We are doing our part.
      We contract with the actual farmers growing our plants, not some government co-op.


    • The farmers are paid the price they are happy with, and feel is fair.


    • The farmers are instructed to use Only Natural Methods and grow organically.
      So when you get our Honey Stevia Leaf tea, you are getting pure natural product.


    • The plants our Honey Stevia Leaf tea comes from take twice as long to grow as other stevia plants.
      This assures they are of a better strain of plant.


    • The leaves are harvested at their peak ripeness assuring top flavor qualities
      So you avoid the grassiness and bitterness common to other brands.


Consider this, pick a fruit to early – and you have very little taste. Pick it off the tree when ripe and when you bite into it, the flavor explodes in your mouth. You’ve experienced eating tree ripened fruit and artificially ripened fruit right?

After the Honey Stevia leaves have been carefully plucked from the plants, they are examined and portions rigorously tested for quality and taste. When the batches pass, then and only then do the workers craft dry leaves as is done with the finest China tea. Finally the dried tea cut Honey Stevia Leaf is packed into tea bags for your ease of use and enjoyment.

Do You Like Honey?

Depending on the amount of water you use with a tea bag filled with Honey Stevia Leaf tea the taste resembles taking a spoonful of honey. The differences are:

  1. Honey Stevia Leaf is FREE of Calories
  2. Honey Stevia Leaf is FREE of Carbohydrates
  3. Honey Stevia Leaf tea is thinner than honey (it is a tea bag in water you know). And the color is a vibrant healthy green.

Imagine taking a bite of Fresh Sugar Cane, or Better Yet -Squeezing the Juice Out of a Piece of Sugar Cane and Drinking it!

If you dilute the Honey Stevia Leaf tea and did a blind folded taste test, you would not be able to tell the difference. Your body would! It would notice that there are 0 fat and 0 carbohydrates in the Honey Stevia Leaf tea.

Yes! I’m convinced, I want to buy Honey Stevia Leaf tea now. Give me a deal!

Health Benefits from Honey Stevia Leaf Tea dietary supplement
Reported by our customers

These are some of the additional health benefits of Honey Stevia Leaf tea as well. People at our company and customers like you have reported that:

  1. Drinking Honey Stevia Leaf tea has quenched their desire for sweets. How could that benefit help you maintain a healthy weight?
  2. They reported that when they have bleeding gums, if they drink a cup of Honey Stevia Leaf tea or even gargle with it, they notice that soon thereafter after the bleeding stops.
  3. People who smoke have told us that drinking a cup of Honey Stevia Leaf tea lessens their desire for tobacco products.

While these effects have been reported to us by numerous customers and we ourselves experienced them, these are NOT medical claims and we DO NOT pretend that they are. They are simply secondary responses reported to us, by regular people from all walks of life. Your results may vary.

Our Lawyer Made us add the following Legal disclaimer

Health Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the USA Food and Drug Administration. These statements and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your professional health care provider. The information provided on this website should not be construed as a heath-care diagnosis, treatment regimen or any other prescribed health-care advice or instruction. The information is provided with the understanding that we are not engaged in the practice of medicine or any other health-care profession and do not enter into a health-care practitioner/patient relationship with its readers. We do not advise or recommend to our readers treatment or action with regard to matters relating to their health or well being other than to suggest that readers consult appropriate health-care professionals in such matters. No action should be taken based solely on the content of this publication or website. The information and opinions provided herein are believed to be accurate and sound at the time of publication, based on the best judgment available to the authors, publisher, and contributors. However, readers who rely on information in this publication to replace the advice of health-care professionals, or who fail to consult with health-care professionals, assume all risks of such conduct. We are not responsible for errors or omissions, or your actions. Be a responsible adult.

Regarding Safety Issues of Honey Stevia Leaf Tea…

Simply put, there have been none reported. We sell Honey Stevia Leaf tea to people in all walks of life…in all states of health. People on low carb diets, and people following every diet there is including following no specific diet. Doctors enjoy Honey Stevia Leaf, as do their families and children, so do dentists and their families. People with diabetes, people with candida, as well as normally healthy people. People using Honey Stevia Leaf — young, old, in-between – have only contacted us with praise for the product.

Use it Hot or Cold

Honey Stevia Leaf tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Imagine yourself sitting and looking out the window at a cold blustery day, sipping a hot apple cider, hot chocolate… no how about a fresh brewed steaming cup of Honey Stevia Leaf tea. Or Imagine yourself just having finished some physical activity on a hot sweltering day. What hits the spot, re-energizes your system, and quenches your thirst… a cold beer, a cold soda, not exactly… how about a glass of Honey Stevia Leaf over ice. Oh yeah! That hit the spot. Either way, think of how fulfilled and satisfied you will be when that delectable nectar first touches your taste buds.

Who Else Would Like the Satisfaction of Enjoying the Great Taste of Honey Stevia Leaf Tea dietary supplement?

Come on and Join the 1000’s of health conscious people switching to stevia

Join the 1000’s of others. Become part of the movement of tens of 1000’s of people avoiding high sugar filled soft drinks and artificially sweetened soft drinks. Come on and join the health conscious movement and start living healthy by supplementing your dietary needs and daily healthful living with Honey Stevia Leaf tea. Here and now is your invitation to a better life. — Will you take it and join us?

Yes! I want to buy Honey Stevia Leaf tea now. Give me a deal!

So many people around the world have tried and are regularly using our Honey Stevia Leaf tea, and have been kind enough to write and tell us about their experiences. And how much they love it. But for one reason or another other people have never had the pleasure of trying Honey Stevia Leaf tea.

Some have been afraid to try something new. Well, the dinosaurs were afraid to try something new – and look where they are today. Bones in a museum. If Christopher Columbus had been afraid to try something new, stevia would not have been discovered by the rest of the world. You see, even the Spanish Conquistadors fell in love with stevia tea. They loved it so much that they specifically made notes about it in the diaries they kept. So as you can see, stevia has been around for centuries.

Perhaps you personally had never heard of stevia before. Perhaps you never knew that such a thing as Honey Stevia Leaf Tea even existed. Perhaps you heard of it but could not find it. Whatever the reason, it’s in the past now. You are here right now. This is the Right Product Right Now. The time to act is right now. Since you have read this page and are still reading, you are interested in getting Honey Stevia Leaf tea. But the price must be right. Considering all the benefits, would you be willing to pay $25 a box?… We sell it for a lot less than that, and I will get to the price in a minute. But first… But think for a moment…That’s less than 6 cups of coffee at the gourmet coffee shop down the street.

Here’s the deal

You have been searching for stevia and what matters most is for you to get the best product at the best price. To help you do just this, we set aside 1000 had crafted split bamboo boxes stuffed to almost bursting with 24 bags each loaded with Honey Stevia Leaf tea for this special promotion.

Once these are gone, it is highly doubtful that you will ever see Honey Stevia Leaf tea packed like this for a price this low again. When you see the price you can get this for you will laugh. It is not $25.00 per box, not $20.00 per box, not $17.00. Nope. Not even a minuscule $15.00 a box. And $15.00 a box IS laughably low for what you are getting… isn’t it?

Understand, we are not a charity organization, and when our accountant saw the deal she had three words for us – Are You Nuts? She practically screamed. Perhaps we are. But we know that once you try this healthful nectar called Honey Stevia Leaf tea, you will get hooked. You will become our customer for life because every order you place for it is the same delicious consistent taste and phenomenal quality.

So jump on this deal and load up. Grab yourself some of the Honey Stevia Leaf tea gift boxes.

The Good Deal

You can buy one box of 24 tea bags — each bag makes at least 2 cups — for only $9.98 + shipping. Just click the button and order.

Click the Button Now, and get a Good Deal add to cart

In thinking about this very low price $9.98, you might realize that it comes to less than two cups of coffee at Starbucks. But you get at least 48 cups of Honey Stevia Leaf tea!

The Sweetheart Deal

Would you, “Click the button And Buy Right Now!” if you could get 1 split bamboo gift pack (that’s 24 tea bags) stuffed full of Honey Stevia Leaf tea Absolutely, Positively 100% FREE! When you order Three Gift Packs?

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Yes! When you Click the button now, it’s like you get $9.98 FREE, because you only pay for three and you get a gift box with 24 more bags stuffed full of Honey Stevia Leaf tea. That’s Right! For only $47.00 $29.94 + shipping You Get 4 boxes for the price of 3!

The Ultimate Deal Only if you get in — If you get turned down, the deal is over. So Get in while you can!

Hurry this is almost to good to be true. It has to end soon, and has a strict limit of people who can get in on it.

Supersize your order! “Click the button and buy 5 boxes of Honey Stevia Leaf tea at the regular price $9.98 each, you will get 2 boxes Absolutely, Positively, 100% FREE. That is a gift of $19.96 savings on a 49.90 sale!… Come to think of it… Maybe we are nuts.

Click Here Now and Get the Ultimate Deal add to cart

“Click the order button now” and take advantage of this deal, before we come to our senses. For only 49.90 (5 split bamboo boxes of 24 tea bags each filled with Honey Stevia Leaf tea + 2 FREE) plus shipping.

When you Supersize it with the Ultimate Deal, You can relax and fully enjoy your Honey Stevia Leaf tea knowing you got the Ultimate Deal.

You can end your search, sit back and enjoy the worldwide benchmark product in both quality and in taste.

The low price we are offering on these special packs is possible ONLY because the facility director saw the light and wants to expand our market share. There are only a limited number of gift boxes allocated for this special pricing. Perhaps you think that leaves you plenty of time for you to get your order in?

With any ordinary product that would be so, but not with Honey Stevia Leaf tea. We are being flooded with orders on a daily basis. Current customers are telling their friends and relatives who are rapidly buying out the stock. Do yourself a favor Right Now and click here and place your order add to cart

WARNING: If the allotted amount for this Special Deal is sold out at this Special Pricing before we receive your order, we will contact you and give you the option of withdrawing your order, or give you the option of buying at the higher regular price.

Yours in Good Taste,


Allen Weber

P.S. Now don’t file this away to think over, because there’s nothing to think about. When the deal is sold out, it’s over. Period. End of story. If you are to late, your order will not be accepted. The money will be refunded to you, or you can buy at the regular price. No exceptions.

Will you end your search now for high quality tasty stevia, and get a great deal in the process? Will you achieve excellent results, and enjoy greater praise for your discerning eye in getting high quality products for a steal – Or will you put off ordering – until this rare opportunity has passed you by and the savings that can be yours are gone — leaving yourself shaking your head and wondering why you didn’t act in time.

Do yourself a favor Right Now and order today. It’s really simple, just pick the deal you want and click. Picture yourself in a matter of days when you will have the satisfaction of sitting back with a big smile on your face while you enjoy all the health benefits of Honey Stevia Leaf tea. “Click here now and Get in on this spectacular deal today!”


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