Honey Stevia Leaf™
Tea Bags

Stevia tea bags! What a great gift. Emperor’s Herbologist™ brand Honey Stevia Leaf tea cut. This dietary supplement is packed in tea bags so you do not have to fool with loose powders, or measure serving size. Just drop one tea bag into an 8 ounce cup of hot water, brew for 1-2 minutes no more! Then take a break from that sweet tooth.

Honey Stevia Tea
Honey Stevia Leaf tea
is 100% stevia leaf.
Dried and cut like tea.
It has no tea or honey.

Packed in a beautiful hand woven split bamboo gift container. Perfect for any occasion. Filled with an incredible dietary supplement famous for it’s properties.

24 Stevia Tea bags per gift container

Natural Packed 24 tea bags per split bamboo gift box. Every box is hand woven by skilled workers in China. The work is very labor intensive. The box is reusable. Some people put it on their desks, others use them for decoration. Some us them to keep miscellaneous small items handy. Regardless, it will be an attractive accessory and conversation piece.

Perfect: Honey Stevia Leaf is free of Carbohydrates, Calories, fillers, and bulking agents. Absolutely nothing is added. It is pure stevia. It is called Honey Stevia Leaf because it has a taste like honey when a tea bag is placed in a 8 ounce cup of hot water and brewed for 1-2 minutes. The perfect dietary supplement when you want to beat the sweet tooth.

Honey Stevia Leaf is safe and does not promote tooth decay. And that’s a great feature.


Unlike most other stevia, Emperor’s Herbologist Honey Stevia Leaf is grown organically, though we did not see the need to pay huge sums of money needed to be certified as organic. There are no chemical fertilizers, or weed killers used.

Top Grade Stevia Plants

The stevia plants used to make Honey Stevia Leaf tea have a longer growing period than other strains, thus they are more expensive to grow. Though since they are allowed to naturally grow to maturity they have a far better taste than non-mature plants so many other stevia brands use.

Once the stevia plants are picked, then there is an extremely labor intensive process to hand pluck the stevia leaf from the plant. Then separate out the best leaves. Once that is done, a portion of the leaves are cut for tea cut, and a portion is dried and crushed into the Honey Stevia Leaf powder.

The tea cut is available packed in consumer friendly tea bags.

Treat yourself to a gift pack of 24 pure Honey Stevia Leaf tea bags packed in an attractive split bamboo container

When you want to try the best tasting pure natural stevia leaf powder:

Want 100% Stevia tea cut, already packed in bags?

Honey Stevia Leaf tea24 Honey Stevia Leaf tea bags in split bamboo gift box $9.98 ea + shipping
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