What is Stevia Extract?

Stevia Extract…

Stevia extract comes from the stevia plant. The Stevia Rebaudiana plant… exactly.

Stevia extract (stevioside) consists of several components. Foremost is a rebaudioside called stevioside. This stevioside is the white powder extracted from the stevia plant.

Percentage of Stevioside in Stevia Extract Grows

Way back in time… stevia extract was around 45% stevioside. Then after much experimentation and practice the cutting edge became 89% that was waaaay back in the 1980’s. And believe it or not, some companies are still selling stevia extract at that outdated number. By the mid 1990’s technology had advanced to the point that 92.5% was now the cutting edge of stevia extract. By around 2000 95% was the benchmark. And depending on the method of measuring the stevioside 95-96% is the best you are going to get.

But That Doesn’t Stop Bogus Claims of Stevioside Percentage in Stevia Extract

Now… Today… you will see all sorts of claims on stevioside. Talking about how they have 99% stevioside in their stevia extract. Don’t believe it. There are several different ways of measuring the stevioside content of stevia extract.

How do we know? We are in the business. We have an interest in a facility that has been doing the extraction from the stevia rebaudiana plant and creating our JAJA Stevioside™ for us since the early 1990’s.

By then way… JAJA Stevioside is pure stevia extract. It has no additives, or fillers, or anything added. Unlike many of the others.

You also see a lot of (we call them scumbags) fraudsters claiming that you get better taste due to super high levels of rebaudioside A — which is a component of stevioside… and this is ONLY partially true… because the main thing affecting taste quality is the parts of the plant you use for stevia extract… NOT just the percentage of Rebaudioside A. 100% leaf canvas will give a far superior taste quality than 100% rebaudioside A from the root — if 100% rebaudioside A was even possible… which it’s not

Stevia extract made from the leaf canvas will have a superior taste quality… no bitterness, grassiness, or nasty (yucky) taste or after taste. The roots, stems, and rest of the plant (many other companies use) can give high percentages of stevioside in their stevia extract, but it gives their end product a very poor quality taste.

Or these fraudsters claim their stevia extract (stevioside) has abnormally high percentages of rebaudioside A. Well, I suppose if you genetically modify a plant you can get whatever you want out of it. Heck… it might even glow in the dark, or grow a liver for transplanting. And we believe you have seen the studies linking genetically modified foods to the little threads popping out of people’s skin… which is why our plants will Never be genetically modified.

The Stevia Plants We Use To Create JAJA Stevioside Are 100% Natural

These plants were cuttings that were transplanted from the highest quality plants in Paraguay. They were then lovingly, attentively tended to in order to assure they would flourish in China. And flourish they did.

The plants we use are grown organically “though we don’t have organic certification. They are 100% natural. After all as the saying goes “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature”

The way we make our stevia extract is the all natural aqueous (water) based process. Not a chemical process.

What is Stevia

Many of the Johnny come lately’s selling stevia extract… the white powder that is actually stevioside (steviol glycosides)… call it stevia.


Because they found more people look for the term “stevia” than “stevioside.” But if you want to buy stevia the stevia leaf not stevia extract, you can do so here. Stevia is not stevia extract. Stevia is not white color. It is green or brown color. Stevia extract is white color powder. The best tasting stevia is the leaf canvas… and in fact JAJA Stevioside is extracted from as pure stevia leaf canvas as we can hand separate it. Why, the people in the facility in China even go so far as to remove not just the roots and stems, they also remove as much of the leaf veins as possible to try and get 100% pure stevia leaf canvas as possible.

Why go through all that trouble?

Because it removes the bitter, licorice, grassy nasty taste and after-taste. Very few if any companies will go through that added expense. But we do. We do it for you. So you can have a superior product when you use JAJA Stevioside

Buy Stevia Extract

So if you want to get the benchmark in quality and in taste, you can only buy JAJA Stevioside (stevia extract).

If you don’t believe what we say, check out what Elizabeth Cohen wrote to tell us…

I thought your JAJA Stevioside (stevia extract) was the same as all the other brands.

Everyone says theirs has no nasty, or bitter, or bad taste.

But they do.

I tried yours and found you are telling the truth when you said there is no bitter, or grassy or nasty taste or after taste.

In today’s world where people claim all sorts of things, it’s nice to deal with a company that tells the truth.

Elizabeth Cohen

Or from R.B. who requested we use his initials rather than name

I recently purchased this product (JAJA Stevioside, stevia extract) bulk and am very pleased.

It is what you claimed it to be… purer and sweeter than another purchased in packets from a major health company. Although unsure, your explanations online and other customer comments convinced me to try it. I also believe this to be a far better value.

So if you are looking to buy stevia extract, place your order now, because you can’t find a better product.

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If you want to buy in bulk but are concerned about storage, here is your solution so you can take advantage of these great bulk deals!
You can store JAJA Stevioside, and it will not go bad. Just put it in a jar, put plastic film on top to stop moisture, and screw on the lid. Simple, easy and fast.

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