Dietary Supplements

In the Emperor’s Herbologist Line

Dark Chocolate Pieces 98% Cacao —made with Stevia Extract

It’s finally here! Rich, deep, Dark Chocolate, Sufar FREE! Dairy FREE!

JAJA Cocoa Powder™ Organic, Sugar Free, Gourmet European Style Cocoa

& Just 100% Cacao. Dutch processed. Tastes Great. Sweeten to your taste, and/or add in spices to make a great drink. Yes it’s a food.

Chocodant™ – Sugar Free, Gourmet Hot Chocolate with JAJA Stevioside™

& Grape Seed Extract Antioxidant Dietary Supplement powder drink mix

Glucose Balance™ – Supports Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Finally… a natural herbal product featuring a combination of time tested traditional herbs combined with modern vitamins and minerals to help maintain normal blood sugar levels*

JAJA Stevioside™ Stevia Extract Powder

If you want to buy delicious smooth tasting pure stevioside from the source, click here. We sell high quality great tasting JAJA Stevioside retail, bulk and wholesale.

Honey Stevia Leaf™

Crushed Honey Stevia Leaf powder in Tea cut.


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