5 Foods To Eat In Early Spring For Health

There are FIVE Healthy Foods to eat in early spring that according to TCM will help you maintain a healthy liver.

Your Liver is Important

Your liver is a very important organ in your body. It is the last defense against all the bad “stuff” that escapes from your digestive system and gets into your blood system.

A strong clean liver will translate into a more effective immune system for you.

Actions To Keeping Your Liver Healthy

To keep your liver healthy, except during the change in lifestyle during holiday season do the following:

  • Get to sleep on time at a (regular time)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Pay more attention to the foods we eat

Special Liver Health Enhancing Foods For Spring

Here are foods we should eat every day for liver health during Spring:

  • Spinach
  • Leek
  • Bean sprouts
  • Red dates combined with
  • Goji (Gou ji) porridge

can help to keep our livers healthy.

Why These Foods Are Effective

Spinach — Chinese herbal doctors believe there are two types of food. One is “hot” type food. The other is “cool” food. This is based on the properties of the foods. If you want an article on this post below, and if enough people post we will write one.

What Cool Foods Do For You

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cool foods well nurture your stomach and intestine, and help your digestion; nurture blood, and help blood circulate in your body better; help strengthen the liver yin and reduce stomach problems, headache, dizziness, anemia caused by poor liver blood circulation.

Considerations: Due to high oxalic acid in spinach, it’s better to dip spinach in boiling water first before cooking or eating it raw.

Leek — Eating more leek can strengthen the stomach and spleen according to TCM. It also will nurture the liver yang.

Considerations: Leek is a hot food. People with weak yin or with tumors, or sores should not eat leek. Also, people who have chronic kidney disease or gout should avoid or eat very little leek because of it’s high protein content.

Bean Sprouts — In early Spring, the weather is typically more windy and less rain. These conditions make early spring dry. making it easier to get more heat in the body. Too much of this heat according to TCM will create a type of heat poison.

Bean sprouts can help dispel poison from the body system.

Early Spring is the best time to eat bean sprouts.

Here’s Why…

Bean sprouts can help internal organs recover from winter to spring energy. They can help the liver qi and blood circulate in the body better. Bean sprouts can help to strengthen the stomach and spleen.

Considerations: It is better not to add too much salt and spices when you cook or eat bean sprouts.

Red Dates (jujube) — Red dates are a mild sweet food. According to TCM, they nurture the spleen and make the qi float better. Red dates also have the function of nurturing blood, and calming nerves; dispelling poison from drugs (medicines); moderate the potency of medicine (drugs).

Studies have shown a there is a special compound in red dates that can control the potency of hepatitis virus activity in the liver.

J Ethnopharmacol. 2009 Apr 21;122(3):555-60. Epub 2009 Feb 7.

The protective effect of Zizyphus jujube fruit on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic injury in mice by anti-oxidative activities.

Shen X, Tang Y, Yang R, Yu L, Fang T, Duan JA. Jiangsu Key Laboratory for TCM Formulae Research, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, China.

So as you can see… red dates protect the liver and increase the liver’s immunological function.

Gou Ji — Gou Ji is very mild with a little sweet taste. It has a special function in protecting the liver and stimulating energy. There are all kinds of nutrients such as: protein, sugar, multiple types of vitamins, as well as phosphorous, iron and more in Gou Ji.

These nutrients are all necessary and very important to the health of the human body.

Recently there have been several medical studies proving Gou Ji can protect the liver cells, and improve liver function. It also can help cure chronic hepatitis.

Chinese herbal doctors practicing TCM suggest making porridge of rice with red dates and Gou Ji. According to TCM, eating this porridge not only nurtures the liver, it can also help recuperate the stomach and intestine function… especially after the holiday season’s abuse.


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