Sugar Free, Gourmet Hot Chocolate with JAJA Stevioside

Antioxidant Supplement

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Great for Adults
Kids love it too!

Can I ask You to Imagine, sipping a rich creamy Sugar FREE Gourmet Hot Chocolate that tastes like it’s loaded with sugar and fat,… and laughing because it isn’.

That… is the experience you get when you indulge yourself with Chocodant. Yes! Dreams can come true.

Are you curious to learn more? Well, you can continue to do just that. Fortunately, it’s easy to just keep reading on…

Cup of Chocodant™, Gourmet Hot Chocolate with stevioside

Healthy Sugar FREE Chocolate

It took over FIVE Years and 63 Tries to get Chocodant to what it is today. A Great tasting, gourmet chocolate, anti-oxidant dietary supplement powdered drink mix, that tastes so good you don’ miss the sugar or the fat. You actually think it’s there. Chocodant is much lower in fat, and far higher in anti-oxidant value than other gourmet hot chocolate! Only 0.55 grams per serving (which is less than 1% of the recommended daily value)

We are talking about Gourmet Chocolate. We are talking about Dairy Free. We are talking about Sugar Free. We are talking about adding JAJA Stevioside (stevia extract).

But it is important to note that Chocodant stevioside chocolate drink mix is not sold as a food, or candy. Rather in the USA you can buy Chocodant strictly as an Anti-Oxidant Dietary Supplement powdered drink mix.

This means that…

Chocodant not only Tastes Great…
It’s Good For You Too!

You get the rich Flavoniod content of specially gourmet processed Dutch Chocolate, the Potent Anti-Oxidant power of Grape Seed Extract, and the supplement is enhanced with JAJA Stevioside (stevia Extract).

Now I ask you… What could possibly be better. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. And it’s Sugar Free and Dairy Free!

Here… check out the Supplement Facts. Then you decide if Chocodant is right for you.

Supplement Facts

  Serving Size: 5.5 grams                  Servings Per Container: 41

Amount/Serving: % DV*   Amount/Serving: %DV*
 Total Fat: 0.55 g ‹ 1%     Total Carbohydrates: 2.1 g ‹ 1% 
 Calories: 13 ‹ 1%     Dietary Fiber: 2.9 g ‹ 2% 
 Sodium: 2mg ‹ 1%     Sugar: 0g 0% 
 Potassium: 136 mg 1%     Protein: 1g 2% 
 Cholesterol: 0mg 0%      
 Grape Seed Extract Standardized to 95%: 33mg ** 
 Lecithin: 215 mg ** 
 Proprietary Blend:; 4.442 grams
Dutch Cocoa powder, Natural Flavor,

JAJA Stevioside (stevia extract)


* Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie Diet

** Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Guar Gum and Vegetable Cellulose

You can enjoy Chocodant because it’s Sugar Free

You are now reading about Chocodant. In the near future you will sit back while sipping on a cup of gourmet chocolate Chocodant enjoy the taste and get all the benefits of the high levels of flavonoids and anti-oxidants as they help fight the signs of aging, and other physical woes. While JAJA Stevioside does it’s work and lessens your desire for sweets. That will help you reduce the amount of empty calories and carbohydrates you consume, so you can maintain a healthy weight while enjoying gourmet chocolate taste. You can already see this coming true in your future. It’s good to have, isn’ it?

You’re going to be in ecstasy when you finally taste Chocodant and find out how good it really is.

Let me ask you a question…

Does Getting Your Chocolate Fix Cost Too Much?

No matter how much food or dietary supplements you can buy for a dollar, it costs too much if it doesn’ contain a hundred cents worth of value. Chocodant is greater in ingredient value than ANY chocolate candy or drink, or dietary supplement than you can buy.

Lets Find Out Why:

JAJA Stevioside Right now it sells for $109.95 a kilo (2.2 lbs). JAJA Stevioside is the worldwide benchmark in quality and taste of stevioside (stevia extract). By itself a 100% natural product that is Fat FREE, Calorie FREE, Carbohydrate FREE, and while not considered a sweetener — the FDA itself says it is 250 times sweeter than sugar.

Gourmet Dutch Cocoa precision made. This is NOT the CHEAP COCOA you can buy off the shelf in your local supermarket. No. Not — at — all. This cocoa is specially processed to retain it’s flavors, it’s taste qualities, and most importantly for your health… it’s high levels of naturally occurring flavonoids. It’s not cheap, but true quality never is.

Grape Seed Extract Standardized to 95% Grape seed extract has found fame and world wide recognition as a super potent anti-oxidant. Many companies will used grape seed extract, but few will us it standardized to the level found in Chocodant. Using grape seed extract standardized to 95% gives you twice as much of the good stuff as 47 ½% and much more than grape seed.

63 Trials and Taste Tests Over FIVE Years That averages to a little over One Test A Month FOR OVER FIVE YEARS to perfect the flavor, perfect the taste, perfect the mouth feel, and perfect the Health Benefits of Chocodant anti-oxidant dietary supplement. It is a remarkable stick-to-it-ness you will find ONLY where there is dedication and commitment to quality.

Consider that a single piece of Godiva gourmet chocolate can sell for well over $1.20 and Godiva Sugar Free for well over $1.50 FOR A SINGLE PIECE/SERVING!

A packet of Sugar Free Hot Chocolate you find on the grocers shelves. This is mostly filler like whey and other fillers, and some powdered milk with some chocolate. It is sweetened with laboratory produced artificial sweeteners. Hardly natural, and typically sells for OVER THIRTY THREE CENTS A SERVING! Not only does it not taste as good as Chocodant anti-oxidant supplement… It doesn’t even have anywhere close to the anti-oxidant power you get in Chocodant!

Now I don’ know about you, but to me it sounds silly to throw money away on a chemically sweetened, filler with some powdered milk and some chocolate thrown in.

But if you were buying that type in the past, don’ feel bad. Chocodant was not around. So you were making the best choice you could with the information you had available.


And Keeping all this in mind, a person would think that Chocodant should sell for a very high gourmet price. So now let’s get to Chocodant cost per serving. One of the things you will love about Chocodant is the price.

Forget Thirty Three Cents a serving for sugar free powdered milk hot chocolate drink mixes.

Forget the $1.50 Plus of Godiva – though you would swear under oath that Chocodant tastes as good.

Now… Today… You can get Chocodant for our low, low, low introductory trial price of ONLY 36 cents a serving. That’s only $15.80 for a 41 serving, ½ pound re-sealable package! Yes I want to order Now! I’l “Click on the Order Now button and place my order” should be what you are saying…if you love chocolate.

I’m Happy, Healthier and Loving MY Gourmet Chocolate…Guilt FREE… Because of Chocodant!” will Now be said the World Over.

“Before you buy chocodant, make sure that you’re entirely sure that you want to enhance your life. Chocodant will give you gourmet chocolate flavor, low fat, low carbs, It’s Sugar FREE and Dairy FREE, and tastes better than anything you’ve had before, so click on the order button now

As one chocolate lover to another… I’m asking you…

Will you join us? Will you go from the agony and frustration of denying yourself the pleasure of gourmet chocolate you deserve? Will you continue to punish yourself? Or… Now that YOU Know about Chocodant, will you make the right decision and “Click here and Order Chocodant Now” so you can begin to enjoy something you love and deserve. Will you indulge yourself… no, make that… spoil yourself… with silky, rich, sensuous Chocodant? Will you live the chocolate lover’s dream – sugar free – gourmet deep dark chocolate, that’s good for you?

Go on…Liberate that chocolate craver in you – and feel good about doing it! OK! I can’ take it anymore, “I’ll click here because I’m ordering right now!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… I mix one level tablespoon of Chocodant into boiling water, and as the mixture cools down it begins to taste like a sinfully rich, deliciously indulgent silky smooth whipped Chocolate Mousse. A chocolate lovers fantasy called Chocodant awaits you. Go for it. Order Two because it makes a great gift!

It’s easy to go ahead and order when you realize what you are getting, isn’ it?

Yes! I want the healthy anti-oxidant benefits wrapped up in a chocolate connoisseur’s dream. I’ll Click Here and Order Today. Send Me Chocodant Immediately!

Chocodant is on temporary Hitaus… But…

How About Some Nice Organic Cocoa Instead?

In the mean time while we are waiting on the rework of Chocodant, you may want to check out JAJA Organic Cocoa Powder™ and get some because it’s Sugar Free!