Poor memory, confusion, and lower cognitive ability seem to be commonplace today than in days past.

It could be the daily pressures people face, lower amounts of sleep, more stress…

Or… It could be the food that people are eating and not eating.

That bring us to our article…

Can Regularly Eating Some Dark Chocolate Every Day Can Increase your Brain Power?

Scientific studies found, people who eat some dark chocolate everyday, or at a minimum once a week… have stronger cognitive ability than those who do not consume Dark Chocolate.

That can be either as a dark chocolate candy OR cocoa.

Previous Studies On Dark Chocolate Showed

Previously, scientific studies already showed eating dark chocolate has many health benefits for your body.

A long time study by long time study by Psychologist Merrill Elias additionally found those who eat dark chocolate often have stronger cognitive ability.

He started to trace over 1,000 NY State residents regarding their cognitive ability since 1970. He gave them questions and answer test every five years. His number six study was from 2001 – 2006. He added dietary habits to his questions.

We will be getting to back to this in a minute.

But First…

Researchers Compared People Who Regularly Consume Dark Chocolate and Those That Don’t

There was a study published where researchers studied two different groups of people.

The researchers studied and averaged the average scores of the people who ate dark chocolate regularly, and those that did not eat chocolate. They found the cognitive ability within the two groups was different.

The people consuming dark chocolate had a big positive effect on their cognitive ability. The people in the group who ate dark chocolate often had were discovered to have a much stronger memory than those not consuming dark chocolate regularly.

They also had a stronger ability to organize items, stronger understanding of what they were working on. Their reading comprehension and retention of what they read was faster and stronger as well.

They were also better able to mentally retrace their actions and had a faster recall of them.

Their abstract thinking ability was also enhanced.


Their moods were also more stable.


The Researchers Concluded

The reseacher’s said &;dquo;These abilities show that in all sorts of daily activities, such as remembering phone numbers; addresses; shopping lists; also enhanced their ability to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. For example driving safely while having a conversation.”

Is it Consciously Eating Dark Chocolate, OR Having A Clearer Mind Makes A Person Crave Dark Chocolate

Inquiring minds want to know!

So… Another study was taken to see if eating dark chocolate improved the cognitive ability of the subjects, or if those who had stronger cognitive ability craved dark chocolate more.

Back to Dr Merrill Elias’ study…

This study was based on over 300 people who already had joined Dr. Elias’ study. Normally you would think people who have a stronger memory especially like to eat dark chocolate. But surprisingly, that is not so.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

It turned out, those who liked to eat dark chocolate, even if they had a strong memory and cognitive ability to begin with… their cognitive ability and memory improved when they ate dark chocolate regularly.

Why Does Dark Chocolate Help Improve Brain Power?

Those studies presented the dilemma of why Dark Chocolate helped improve brain power. Researchers are not 100% sure, but the cacao in dark chocolate has cocoa flavonoids.

Based on previous studies, it is definitely true that cocoa flavonoids found in dark chocolate can enhance the body’s natural ability to reduce memory loss and weakening cognitive ability.

Additionally, it has a positive effect on mental outlook.

Reseachers speculate cocoa flavonoids increase blood circulation in the brain, which improves the brain function.

When you get your dark chocolate remember to get it made without added sugars, dairy, and extra fats.

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