Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder


Cocoa Powder

100% Cacao (No Sugar, or Sweeteners Added)

Dutch Processed, so you get a smoother taste

European Style Low Fat


Extra Dark Graded so you get more Chocolate Taste

Extra Dark Cocoa Powder

JAJA Cocoa Powder ™ is an extra dark cocoa powder. It is alkali (Dutch) processed. The processing does not change the quality. But it does make the taste less bitter. making it a more delicious cocoa powder.

There are two major types of cocoa powder. Traditional European which contains from 10 – 12% cocoa butter (fat), and USA style cocoa powder which typically contains from 20-25% cocoa butter.

Health Benefits +

You have most likely read all the health benefits of cacao. And you have probably read about the detractors saying “Eating Dark Chocolate is really good for you… BUT… in candy form it is mostly sugar and fat!” Well, JAJA Cocoa Powder gives you the best of the health and great taste worlds. Because, JAJA Cocoa Powder is 100% Cacao… and it is lower in fat content (10-12 % for JAJA Cocoa Powder v.s 22-25%) than for regular USA style cocoa powder like you find in Nestle’s Hershey’s, etc.

So why not stop what you are doing this second and treat yourself!

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