Diabetes Blood Sugar Control

Tips To Maintain Blood Sugar Control…

Set Goals You Can Reach

Remember the saying "From the acorn grows the mighty oak" – anonymous (the most quoted author in the world).

  • Break a big goal into small steps. If you plan to increase your physical activity, start by taking one 5 minute walk 3 times per week. Then start walking a little more often. Then increase the time you are walking. Remember little steps to reach the goal. Some people will get a dog. Taking it outside for walks and playing with it is a great way to get exercise without feeling like it is exercise.
  • Make changes that you can stick with. The changes you should make are those you can keep for the rest of your life. It is a lifestyle change. For example, many people go on a diet to lose weight then stop the behavior that led them to lose weight and guess what….. within a year or two they have not only regained the weight they lost, they gain even more. Why?……..they did not make a lifestyle change.

Create a plan to deal with diabetes

  • Know your reasons for controlling your blood sugar. Think about all the reasons you have for staying in control of your blood sugar. Write them down and review them every day. You will not make a permanent lifestyle change…….. unless you have determined that the benefits of making that change outweigh your current lifestyle. Making a list and reviewing it will help internalize why you should want to change. It takes appx 30 days for a new habit to take hold.
  • Know your temptations. Figure out what can tempt you to slip up when it comes to blood sugar control. What about at a party? Or dinner? Or night out? Do you have a weakness for Candy bars, alcohol? How about refined sugar?
  • Reward Yourself for success. Start to control your blood sugar for a day, then a week, then 2 weeks. It takes appx 30 days for a new habit to take hold. After 30 days of successful blood sugar control, give your self a reward. Go ahead you deserve it. Make a date and go to a movie, carnival, play. Buy yourself some new clothes, go to a sporting event or concert.
  • "I get by with a little help from my friends." Ask for a little help from your friends, and family when you feel down. Or if you need someoneto talk to. Not only will it cheer you up this time, but it will help in forging closer relationships.

Manage Setbacks

  • If you slip up admit that you slipped up. Learn what you can from it. What was it that triggered your slip up? Was it a mood? If so what caused that mood. Was it a song on the radio? Was it something someone said? Analyze the reason(s). It will help you plan how to combat them next time they occur.
  • Don’t be to hard on yourself. Remember a setback is not the end of the world. Everyone makes mistakes. There is only one way to learn. That is from mistakes. So consider it a learning experience and learn from it.

So what is left?

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The extract, Stevioside, has reportedly been approved for use in foods in Brazil and Japan. The product is used in these countries as a table-top sweetener in virtually all food commodities and as a flavor enhancer in such products as teas. Stevioside is reportedly 250-300 times sweeter than sugar and contributes no calories to the diet.

They have No calories, and of great interest to diabetics, they have No carbohydrates.

Due to the FDA they are sold in the USA only as dietary supplements, not as sweeteners. They make a safe alternative to laboratory produced sweeteners. They do not break down when heated, or in acidic, alkaline conditions or when chilled.

They are sold in Japan, China, Brazil, and many other countries around the world as sweeteners. Learn more about the history of stevia and stevioside and what they can do for you. >>>

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Make an action plan. See the posted suggested format. You may want to copy it and use it. Action Plan>>>

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