Diabetic Foot Care Step 10

Be More Active

Have you ever noticed how a pond that does not flow has cloudy water. Algae and other growth overwhelm the pond until it fills in with sediment and becomes not a pond anymore, but a swamp spongy mushy area, that eventually becomes solid ground?

Have you ever noticed that a stream has the ability to clean itself? The water moves, and does not stagnate. The same is true for your body. If you do not circulate your blood, it stagnates in your feet, and other parts. This makes it harder for your body to clean your blood, making it harder to fight disease, and reduces your health.

So what can be done to avoid your blood stagnating. It is really simple. Be More Active. If you are more active you will not only feel better about yourself, you will circulate your blood, and if you are overweight you may lose some of those pounds.

Being more active will help to fight stress in your life as well. And when you are more active, taking part in life you may meet some really nice people who can become life long friends. So how to start?


  • Ask your doctor, or physical trainer or physical therapist to help you plan an activity program that is right for you.
  • Walking, dancing, swimming and bicycling are good forms of exercise that are easy on the feet. You may also want to consider learning Tai Chi from a qualified instructor.
  • Avoid activities that are hard on the feet. That would be running or jumping type activities.
  • Always include a short warm up, and cool down period that includes stretching. Stretching will help you relax your muscles, avoid muscle injury, and help keep your body elastic and flexible.
  • Wear athletic shoes that fit well, and provide good support.

Important Reminder: If you have a cut, sore, blister, or bruise on your foot and it does not begin to heal after one day. Call Your Doctor Immediately.

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