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New Product:

Mmmmmmm! Chocolate!

Imagine, something that tastes great, doesn’t make you fat, has no carbohydrates and Sugar Free is good for you, and even tastes Great!

Limited Time Introductory Special Price

Dark Chocolate Sugar Free with Stevia ExtractClick the button and Order your Special Extra Dark Chocolate Pieces” (Made with Stevia Extract) Today!
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It’s good for you to “Buy 2” because the second one makes a great gift. You may want to give it to someone who loves Chocolate and can use the health giving benefits of a gourmet Dark Chocolate that is 98% cacao, zero sugar, zero dairy, and has nothing artificial in it.


If possible, we will ship using Flat Rate, and rebate you the difference…
but we can not guarantee Flat Rate shipment due to various sizes. Just select either Priority or Priority Express, and if possible we will use the Flat rate version of your selected service.


JAJA Stevioside™

Great Sugar Free News!

Looking for a safe way to cut your intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners?* One that’s free of calories & carbohydrates? And does not raise your blood sugar? Diabetic friendly JAJA Stevioside may be your answer.

100% natural, pure, unadulterated JAJA Stevioside. Nothing Added Click here to learn more.

Honey Stevia Leaf™

Special News:

Now, You Can Also Break The Habit Of High Carbohydrate Sugary Snacks With Carbohydrate Free Honey Stevia™ Leaf*… A Great Dietary Supplement.

StevLeafTea-Gift-small.jpg (6537 bytes)

Many people are following a diet that is low in carbohydrates, especially low in empty carbohydrates. Honey Stevia Leaf powder can help in this quest. Click here for details.

Glucose Balance™

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being Able To Live A Healthy Life?

Glucose Balance a unique blend of time tested natural herbs combined with the very best of proven scientific mineral and vitamin therapies*. It is designed to supplement your diet.

Glucose-Balance.jpg (7608 bytes)

Our customers are very pleased with the results when they use Glucose Balance. You will be too! Try it today

Pearl Powder

Looking for softer, healthy skin?

Pearl powder may be your answer. For centuries it has been used as a Chinese skin care secret. Renowned for helping to make the skin more elastic, smooth and healthy.

Check it out.


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