We’ve all heard these about eCigs…

“Everyone knows eCigarettes Will Replace Cigarettes and Help You Stop Smoking”

“e-Cigarettes Are Safe”

“I’m stopping smoking and e-Cigs are helping me”

What if we told you…

E-Cigarettes, Aren’t Helping Smokers Quit

E-cigarettes, as used, aren’t helping smokers quit, study shows. Sure this flies in the face of “conventional wisdom”. So let’s turn to University of California San Francisco (UCSF)…

They found…

“ ‘Vapers’ Are 28 Percent Less Likely to Stop Smoking”

Researchers at UC San Francisco reviewed numerous studies about Vapers and quitting smoking, and after a thorough analysis were surprised to find adult smokers who use e-cigarettes are actually 28% LESS LIKELY to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

This study was released in a news release January 14, 2016 so the data is fresh at the time of this article. The study was published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine (an international peer-reviewed general medical journal based in London)

Co-author Sara Kalkhoran, MD who was a clinical fellow at the UCSF School of Medicine when the research was conducted (now at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School( said:

As currently being used, e-cigarettes are associated with significantly less quitting among smokers. E-cigarettes should not be recommended as effective smoking cessation aids until there is evidence that, as promoted and used, they assist smoking cessation.

E-Cigarettes, E-hookahs, Vape pen, eCig…

e-Cigarettes, e-hookahs, Vape pen, eCigs are battery-powered devices that heat nicotine and flavorings to deliver an aerosol inhaled by the user.

Long touted and used to help smokers quit traditional cigarettes and are used to get nicotine in environments where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

The UCSF team reviewed 38 studies assessing the association between e-cigarette use and quit smoking tobacco cigarettes among adult smokers.

The studies they used included in the analysis controlled for many variables, including demographics, past attempts to quit, and level of nicotine dependence.

Co-author Stanton A. Glantz, PhD, UCSF professor of medicine and director of the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education said

The irony is that quitting smoking is one of the main reasons both adults and kids use e-cigarettes, but the overall effect is less, not more, quitting.

While there is no question that a puff on an e-cigarette is less dangerous than a puff on a conventional cigarette, the most dangerous thing about e-cigarettes is that they keep people smoking conventional cigarettes.

To that we would add, there is the danger of them blowing up in your face, which is starting to happen more frequently.

How to Successfully Quit Smoking

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