JAJA Stevioside™ (Stevia Extract) Purchasers wrote to tell us:

Where do I begin?

I am completely satisfied with JAJA Stevioside.

I am writing this testimonial, which is something I do not do, I don’t even offer ratings on ebay, netflix, or itunes, let alone taking time to write something like this.

I decided to write this for a few reasons:

First: I like to help people and I believe this product will do just that.

Second: I am not what would call computer literate, so when I was ordering online, I accidentally ordered twice. They [customer service for Smarter Health/Emperor’s Herbologist web site] called me within minutes to let me know and asked me if it was intentional.

That is a business practice not seen very often. they could of taken advantage of me and the situation.

Third: I have only been able to find one company that offered stevia on shelves, sweet leaf™.I don’t want to say it was a bad product, but it was the only one I could find.

I tried [sweet leaf] product in liquid, tablet and powder form, and even though I wasn’t completely satisfied, I wasn’t looking for another source when I stumbled upon Emperor’s Herbologist.[web site]

I was only searching for information to show my father, who is a huge skeptic, that the herb stevia was harmless… I saw their site and did the math and figured I’d give it a shot. I liked it enough that I came back and made a larger order, but as I mentioned above, I did it twice. They called me and let me know. now, after hanging up, I thought to myself not only did they not have to do that, but they also helped with some questions I had and they have decent prices comparably along with a better product.

For those of you who are skeptical of testimonials like this, as I am… this is real. So do yourself a favor. give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Dominic C.,
Wheeling, WV – USA.


I received my order today, thank you!

My wife was previously getting her stevia from an ebayer. When I went to re-order, the site said that sacchrin was added!

Not for my wife! So I came across your site and after a bit of researching other sites, decided your was best for our needs.I quit smoking after 35 years, 2 years ago so yes, I have my health in mind as well as my wife’s.

Ted B.
Glapwell, Derbyshire – UK


“I thought your JAJA Stevioside was the same as all the other brands.

Everyone says theirs has no nasty, or bitter, or bad taste.

But they do.

I tried yours and found you are telling the truth when you said there is no bitter, grassy or nasty taste or after taste.

In today’s world where people claim all sorts of things, it’s nice to deal with a company that tells the truth.)

Elizabeth C.
Age: 43


“I recently purchased this product bulk and am very pleased. It is what you claimed it to be… purer and sweeter than another purchased in packets from a major health company. Although unsure, your explanations online and other customer comments convinced me to try it. I also believe this [JAJA Stevioside™] to be a far better value.)

I think comments can make the difference in purchase decisions, but if you use these please limit my name to my initials only.

Palatine, IL – USA


“The calories that your superb product saves over sugar is very valuable, particularly when trying to maintain weight, etc., not to mention saving the body the burden of sugar with all its problems.

Anyway, thank you again and I look forward to receiving the next shipment of what is no doubt the best stevia available.)

Yours Sincerely,


“I tried many brands of Stevioside and found JAJA Stevioside brand the only one without a bad after taste. Thank you!)

Tammy M – Oregon


“I did a lot of research online and taste testing a few years back on Stevia and after trying yours I decided that it was the one for me. The taste compared to all the other cheaper alternatives was by far excellent.)

Bob K – USA
May 2007


“I ordered your JAJA Stevioside™ after trying other brands. I can’t speak more highly of your product and will now order it long term. Thank you for making such a quality product and for excellent customer service.)

Shona Campbell – New Zealand
November 2004


“I am always circumspect about online ordering, but I’m so glad I gave your product [JAJA Stevioside] a try. I appreciate the bulk value and product information.

I’ve been a long time user of other Stevia products, so I don’t necessarily feel any different. I am happy to say, however, that your JAJA Stevioside lives up to it’s marketing claims… consistent taste at a great value. Your product, rates high on its consistent taste!

I have already recommended JAJA Stevioside to friends, family, and co-workers. My father is elderly and does not have access to online purchasing, so he relies solely on my recommendations for such products purchased through the Internet. He recently placed his first order (with my second order) of ½ Kg of JAJA. He said, ‘now I won’t have to purchase those little bottles at the store with the high prices and changable tastes!!’

D. Dixon
Director of Information Technology
Texas, USA
July 2007


“Just wanted to tell you that I received my order last week. The Stevia [JAJA Stevioside] is great!)

Margot – Netherlands
September 2004


“I thought your JAJA Stevioside was the same as all the other brands.

Everyone says theirs has no nasty, or bitter, or bad taste.

But they do.

I tried yours and found you are telling the truth when you said there is no bitter, yucky or grassy or nasty taste or after taste.

In today’s world where people claim all sorts of things, it’s nice to deal with a company that tells the truth.)

Elizabeth Cohen – USA & Columbia
June 2008


I have ordered your JAJA Stevioside before and it is the best tasting Stevioside I have tried. That’s why I am ordering two packages from you now.

Francisco – San Francisco CA
October 2004


“I have to tell you, JAJA Stevioside is the best product over a sweetner that I’ve ever experienced. I am completely satisfied. I have cut my raw sugar intake down by 80%. Thanks to the Emperor’s Herbologist!)

Alvis Jenkins – Florida
August 2004


“Most people know only about Splenda and other inferior sweeteners, they are amazed when I tell them that JAJA Stevioside™ has No fillers, and is so Superior.

I am in Show Business and entertainers will find these products to be from Heaven.

A Satisfied Customer:)

Malik – MO

April 2004


“ will continue to buy JAJA Stevioside from you. As a diabetic, Stevia Kool-Aid quenches my sweet tooth! I also make some ’candy’ with cream cheese, condensed milk, lime juice and Stevia! Great product! Also thanks for the e-mail that shows you care!)

Novak – Elizabeth CO

Jan 2004


“I have already received the first order. The reason I’ve placed this second order is because I was so pleased with the quality of your product.

… This order is for Christmas gifts…”


November 2003


“I ordered your Stevioside, and the taste is great!”

Heidi – MI

June 2003


“I had received the sample size of Stevia today, thanks for the fast turnaround. Your Stevia does taste better than others I have tried, because of this I plan on using your brand as the source for all my Stevia needs."


June 2003


“I am always wanting an excuse to talk about water and your product gives me solid proof that water is palatable not to mention, calorie, fat, sugar and carb free. How can anyone argue with that?)

Janie – MI

April 2003


“My wife and I sometimes worry that a product is not as natural as it claims to be, but we just feel a trust about JAJA Stevioside™)


December 2002


“My teenage daughter recently developed a life-threatening condition, which requires her to stay away from all sweets. When her Doctor suggested using Stevia as an alternative, I went to the local health-food store and bought a bottle, only to find it bitter and unpleasant.

Then I looked on the internet, and found your product. I didn’t believe your claims about the difference in your product, but I was desperate enough to try it anyway.

Wow! I couldn’t believe the difference. Even including shipping charges, your JAJA Stevioside was cheaper than the other brand, and it tastes fantastic. My daughter now has no difficulty staying on her diet, and we haven’t had to resort to frightening artificial sweeteners. Thank you.)

Cynthia B – Florida


“I am very pleased with what I received, and I am extremely happy with the flavour of JAJA Stevioside, it tastes just like sugar, with no after taste……..)

Dawn B – UK


“… I ordered one small shaker bottle of JAJA Stevioside™…..

…..The stevioside seems to be all you said it was, as I dipped a toothpick in the bottle and it tasted sweet with only a few grains on it. If I didn’t know the ice cream didn’t have any sugar in it, I would never have guessed it to be the case, as there is absolutely no aftertaste or herbal taste! You really converted me to JAJA Stevioside, and I will continue to buy it when my supply runs out (which may take awhile!).)

Adriana D. Litchfield, CT

I want to buy JAJA Stevioside now.

“I would like to tell you how very pleased with the stevioside that I am now ordering from you. Matter of fact, I am really shocked at the difference.

I had been ordering stevioside from another source (Alacartegifts) and thought that all stevioside was the same.

BOY, WAS I WRONG. Your product really does taste better! It is sweeter and has no after taste as with the other stevioside I was buying.. I find I use less of your stevioside and thus am able to save money.

Thanks again for your fine product and service.

A grateful customer.)

Mark B. Texas


“I would like to order another half a kilo of stevia extract.

I first ordered from you in September 1999. Your service, price and everything else worked out just fine.)

J.M. LY, Illinois

I want to buy JAJA Stevioside now.

I want to let you know my experience with your Emperor’s Herbologist JAJA Stevioside™. Before I tried it I was skeptical. using approximately 5 lbs of sugar every week or so. I drink a lot of coffee. I was drinking so much coffee. I was drinking so much coffee because I was feeling tired and had no energy.

I began using your Emperor’s Herbologist JAJA Stevioside and have lost my craving for sugar! I hardly ever use it anymore thanks to your wonderful product. Not only have I virtually cut out sugar from my diet, but I have much more energy than before. I attribute both my lack of sugar craving and higher energy directly to your Emperor’s Herbologist JAJA Stevioside.

I feel better than I have for years! Thank you.)

Doris H.    New York, New York


“…We really enjoyed Emperor’s Herbologist JAJA Stevioside™. Thank you for shipping it so quickly. It readily dissolves in the drinks I put it in. We found it to have aclean pleasant taste, and no bitter after taste! Thank you for making this product available…)

Dan F.    Chicago Illinois

I want to buy JAJA Stevioside now.

“I presently received some stevioside from you…..It is great stuff and a lot safer than the sweetener that is available on the current market.)

CL     Australia


“I like your JAJA Stevioside… it tastes much better than equal.)

Mary B – Massachusetts


“I’m happy to talk about my experience working with you. I find your group to be very helpful. You have made suggestions about my orders that have resulted in my ordering different quantities that were more economical for me. You pay attention, and quickly fix problems when they occur……

I am also pleased to find that you are very comfortable with doing business over the Internet. Many small companies jump into e-commerce without any planning…)

TM  Atl. Georgia

I want to buy JAJA Stevioside now.

“…Thanks for resending the JAJA Stevioside… it’s very, very good. No bad aftertaste, and I drank it all day long today.

…….the taste and lack of maltodextrin or other fillers was the most important thing…….

I enjoy the product, and have been using it everyday in my tea, coffee and iced tea! I have also used it for cooking, and it has performed wonderfully. None of the bitter aftertaste of the other sweeteners, and I felt safe using it! (and you can quote any of this, too.)…..

Thanks again.)

Maurice S.  M.D. St Louis Missouri


the Stevioside is very sweet, and I like it.


Rollakal VA


“We are very interested in an ongoing wholesale relationship with your company. Your product quality and customer service have greatly exceeded any other company’s in the retail sector.)

Christy H.

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